Your Turf Self-Defense

This is a quick tip, and it has nothing to do with establishing your “turf” in a gang. Instead, this tip focuses on a few suggestions for fighting in familiar territory….

I Know My Turf

If someone were to attack me in my home, I feel that I’d have a definite advantage. It’s my home base.

I know where there are hidden weapons … fighting stick behind the bed post, knife in a secret sheath in a picture frame, and even ball bearings in a covered, decorative bowl.

I also know where the piles of messes are and how to avoid them.

Do you know your house or apartment? Can you avoid furniture in the dark? And would you be able to push an intruder into, and over, said couches, beds, and chairs?

Hiding and Escapes

Familiarizing yourself with your turf also means know paths out … ways to get to safety. If you can’t get away completely, can you get to a hiding place?

Knowing the layout of your environment, whether at home, at the mall, or visiting a friend, should be a given. You need to know all the ins and outs of your environment better than your enemy does.

So, was that a worthwhile martial-arts tip? Practical?

Or was it the same ol’ same ol’?

Let me know =>

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