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Martial-Arts eBook Combination — Only $2 More!

Why pay $14.95 for Become The Martial Artist You Were Meant to Be (By Taking Charge of Your Learning) when you can get it for only $2.95 more, when you buy Get Off Your Butt and Kick Some Butt: Martial-Arts Motivation for $27.

That’s right! $29.95 for both ebooks, (instead of $27 + $14.95 = $41.95).

This is one of those combine-and-save offers!

Get Motivated to Master Martial Arts, Then …

“get there” as efficiently (and thoroughly) as possible. These books help you combine motivation and direction.
It’s like providing you with both the fuel and the rocket … and clear directions to the moon.

  • Should you build your technique repertoire and learn as many moves as possible or will that just confuse you in a real fight?
  • How should you incorporate moves and strategies from different styles?
  • What does it really take to master “your” style?

Both Instant Downloads, only $29.95 … start your path to revamping the way you do martial arts, NOW!.


No thanks, just Get Off Your Butt … Motivation for Martial Artists ($27).

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