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I don’t care if you aren’t into “tricks;” if you are a serious martial artist, this information is “must have” skill and knowledge …

Keith Pascal here,

If you are reading this page, then you are a subscriber to Martial Arts Mastery. This is an exclusive offer for the MAM list only. You really won’t find it anywhere else!

In a minute, I am going to tell you a true story about a recent coin-snatching experience, but first, I want to tell you the THREE main benefits of this book and offer:

1. Do you emphasize super-speedy reflexes and punches? Then you’ll love the chapters on eliminating telegraphed movements … and there is a special chapter just for martial artists on how to relate all of this to punches (complete with unique exercises and drills).

2. An effective way to build your reputation is to let others do it for you. Many claim that this is the very best book on the more subtle methods of building a solid reputation — admired by others.

3. This Half-Off Offer really isn’t like any other deal that I have ever made. You really do get the book and more extra ebonuses than before. I’ll tell you about the offer a little later.

Now, The Coin Snatching Story

Recently, I was at a martial-arts event where I had the opportunity to sell a few books.

Throughout the weekend, people approached me about Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to …, Control Your Fear, and even the parable Tiptoeing to Tranquility. But nobody mentioned Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder.

Not one person.

Then, just as we were ready to leave on Sunday, my wife approached with a tae-kwon-do teacher. He said that he was interested in seeing the coin snatch, but because of his acquaintances back east, was a little skeptical. I told him that I thought he’d appreciate the benefits in increased speed taught in the book.

He smiled, but you could still see the doubt in his expression.

I borrowed a quarter.


Martial Artists Gather to Watch The Coin Grab

By now, martial artists from a variety of styles had gathered. I instructed the teacher to get ready, and then BAM, I grabbed. Instantly, I clamped my hand over his, to prevent him form opening it, and revealing whether or not, I had been successful.

I said to everyone, “I think I have the quarter.”

He protested, “No, I have the quarter.”

I countered with, “No, I am pretty sure that I have it.”

Everyone asked to see. I opened my hand and revealed “a” quarter. The participant was quick to point out that it could be any quarter.

So, he opened his hand and found … a copper coin from a different country!

I had surprised everyone by switching one coin for another in less than a blink of an eye.

My martial-arts teacher looked at me and smiled.


Do you know what happened next?

I instantly, and I do mean instantly, sold out of all the copies of Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder. Boy, did I learn a lesson — you really do need to demonstrate one of the coin snatches or switches from the book, in order to sell it.

In fact, as I was signing copies of my books, someone asked me a question that had me respond with a different snatch from the book …

After I performed the Upside-Down, Impossible Coin Snatch (and showed how to turn it into a switch), even more martial-arts practitioners asked to buy the book.

I had to turn them away, and refer them to this web site.


Switch a Coin With The Speed of a Master

Coin Switching Cover

Coin Switching Cover


Order Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, now!

You’ll start with the Beginner’s Grab and The Rochester Switch.

From there, you’ll progress to Kip’s Take, which is my personal favorite.

The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab is one of the most impressive coin snatches in the book — and one of the easiest to perfect (less than five minutes).


More Than Just Coin Snatches

van damme and bruce lee, bloodsport and enter the dragon

This book focuses on building your reputation. A solid reputation.

Jean Claude Van Damme demonstrated a film version of the coin snatch in the classic movie Bloodsport. Bruce Lee was also known as a coin switcher. In fact, several sources say that Bruce demonstrated coin switching on the set of Enter the Dragon (photo is unavailable — in a private collection).

Both Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme benefitted from the reputation afforded to those who coin snatch.

Can you imagine how impressed people will be when you speed switch a coin in their hands?

You get specific advice on how to build your reputation without bragging, at all! Imagine what others will think after seeing your demonstrations of raw speed.

You also get complete story lines, patter, and routines. These anecdotes make great lead-ins for your coin snatching.

Probably of most interest to the martial artist are the chapters and sections relating speed snatches to real martial arts skill. Specific telegraphs are discussed in Chapter 8. And in Chapter 11, martial artists receive tips that apply to fighting and self defense. Chapter 11 is just for martial artists.


Price Choice
Price Choice

Because you all have been so patient with me on this list and because some of you helped me evaluate a few of my promotions, I’d like to make this special offer.

Have you ever seen this book for half price? That’s even below wholesale.

Not only that, it comes with 5 Bonuses (2 included in the book and 3 eBonuses)!

First, you’ll be able to immediately download these 3:

1. The Punch Faster eBooklet: 3 Principles for Punching Faster (13 pages)
What if I could guarantee that no matter what your punching skill level you will punch even faster after applying these three tips? What if? Sound advice … that works.

2. Faster Eye Jabs (34 pages)
This ebook is normally included with the $100.00 Punch eCourse, but now I am happy to be able to offer it to you as an ebonus. If you’d like to learn to cut the distance, panic responses, and more, then this is your ebook.

3. Special Coin-Snatching Tip (3 pages)
Do you ever have problems finding practice partners? Here’s a quick tip that could solve your practicing problem. It really is a way to get in hundreds of practices in a very short amount of time. Easy … fun, too.

PLUS a couple of unadvertised ebonuses (oldies, but goodies)


And then, you get 2 bonus chapters sent in the book:

Calvert’s Claw — Here’s how to efficiently snatch a specific coin out of a handful of change. Actually, there is a surprise ending that really is worth the price of the book. This is the first time this effect has been described in print. Thanks to the magician who had a (UK) postage stamp dedicated to his fine art of magic — John Calvert.

Conversation with Justin Hanes — Justin is a fine magician who lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.). In his conversation, he suggests a few wacky possibilities for a coin snatch. Then he brainstorms a new effect, involving a second participant. Very impressive!


Imagine successfully switching a coin in someone else’s hand. It’s time to amaze everyone with your fantastic speed.

We can only guarantee this low price for a limited time. Order now. And speaking of guarantees …

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    money-back guarantee

    You really should take advantage of this great offer. In a minute, I am going to offer to autograph your copy of Coin Snatching … to you, to a friend, or just signed. Even if I sign the book to you, with your name on it, you may still return it for a complete refund.
    That’s how sure I am that you’ll enjoy and benefit from this information and these skills.

    And even if you return your book, you may still keep the eBonus downloads as my thank you for trying this offer.

    That really is more than fair, wouldn’t you agree?


Your Half-Off Offer Ends Monday, January 31, 2011.

Order your copy now! This offer ends Monday, Jan. 31st. at midnight, unless the box of books sells out first. (FYI: There are 32 books in a box.)

Oh, and one other small SNAFU … International orders (outside the United States) will be limited to TWO copies only per order. Sorry — not my choice.


Price Choice

$29.95 $15 + $5 postage in the U.S. ($20 + $5 for orders outside the U.S.)

Remember to give me autographing instructions for your copy (copies) of the beautifully-bound Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder.

Like I said … this is a must-have offer, right?

order coin snatching
Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder
by Keith Pascal
214 pages, 45 photographs
ISBN 978-0-9666828-6-1
LCCN 2005933422

Price Choice

Order Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, now!

This Offer Ends at Midnight, January 31st, 2011

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