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Did you know …

Well over a decade ago, I published the Punch Papers, an ebook on punching faster, harder, and more effectively. Its success and the success of Wrist Locks were what really launched my writing career.

Years later, I updated the ebook with more articles on punching. The Punch Papers 2.0 was more than double the size of its original version.

Both versions of the Punching ebook were a whopping success!

Then, in 2008, I ripped the Papers apart, and created new content … a Punch eCourse.

It’s a 5-volume course (PDF ebooks), all on developing incredible punches. And it, too, has been very successful.


It has always sold for around $100 for the five volumes … sometimes a little more, and occasionally, a little less. But it has always been around $20 (sometimes over $30) per volume. The catch is … you had to buy all of them, to get the deal.

Well, it’s mid-summer and it’s time for you to see some real punch improvement.

A Punch Improvement Offer You Can’t Refuse

I have never offered the following deal … and probably never will, again. You need to take advantage of these special offers as they become available.

Here’s how it works:


Starting today, and for the next few days, you can buy The Punch eCourse: Volume TWO: Developing Super Punch Speed, for a very special price:


The Punch eCourse: Volume TWO: $9

Then in a few days, if you want, you can buy …

The Punch eCourse: Volume THREE: $10

Next …

The Punch eCourse: Volume FOUR: $11

And finally, you’ll have three or four days to buy …

The Punch eCourse: Volume FIVE: $12

And I’ll make sure each volume comes with one of the punch ebonuses!

Order now. The offer will change in a few days …

Take a look at the table of contents for the SECOND VOLUME ONLY:

  •   Introduction to Speed Punching … 5
  • Lesson 17: Perfect Footwork With Your Speed Punch — Always! … 9
  • Lesson 18: Combining the Beat for Super Speed … 13
  • Lesson 19: Another ‘Worth the Price of the Book’ … 17
  • Lesson 20: Double Checks While Punching … 25
  • Lesson 21: The New ‘Can You Punch After Being Punched?’ … 29
  • Lesson 22: Even More Speed … 33
  • Lesson 23: Adjusting For Even More Speed … 39
  • Lesson 24: Gung Fu Super Speed, By Feel …41
  • Lesson 25: Clotheslining & Technique Filter … 51
  • Lesson 26: Practical Clotheslines with Your Punch? … 61
  • Lesson 27: Speed Snap-backs … 67
  • Lesson 28: Develop Fast & Efficient Arm Pops … 73
  • Lesson 29:Fixing Your Punch (And a Great Technique) … 77
  • Lesson 30: More Exercises for Super Punch Speed …83
  • Table of Contents to All Volumes … 91


Remember, Volume TWO will only be available for the next few days.

Don’t miss out on these offers. I mean HALF PRICE … and you can pick and choose. Wow!


Here is a list of all five volumes:

AVAILABLE TODAY – The Punch eCourse: Volume TWO: Developing Super Punch Speed


  • The Punch eCourse: Volume TWO: Developing Super Punch Speed
  • The Punch eCourse: Volume THREE: Exercises and Drills for Explosive Punch Power
  • The Punch eCourse: Volume FOUR: The Keys to Defensive Punching
  • The Punch eCourse: Volume FIVE: Punch Strategies for Martial Success

 You don’t have to buy them all … but once each offer is gone, it won’t come back:

YES! I’ll buy Volume TWO for Only $9. WOW!





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