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Keith Pascal3 Ways to Sign Up …

For the 50 Only Platinum Punching Course

If you haven’t yet read about the special Platinum-Level Punch eCourse that will start on January 15, 2011, then you definitely need to Click Here.

Great. Did you read the description?
Do you want to be part of this First-Ever Opportunity?
You could be one of the lucky 50 participants. There are only 3 ways to get in, and you definitely should act quickly….

1. Weekly Drawing for OWNERS of The Punch eCourse (5 Seats per Week)

Have you already purchased The Punch eCourse from me (nobody else sells it)?
Simply grab your copy, go to Volume TWO and turn to page 35.

In the light-green resource box in the middle of the page, I mention a movie.

Simply drop me an email with 3 pieces of information:

    1. The name of the movie (verifies that you have The Punch eCourse in your possession)
    2. Your name
    3. The email you used when you bought the original course.

    email: info@kerwinbenson-dot-com (replace “-dot-” with a “.”)

    (I’ll confirm that I received your email … probably within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from me, email me through one of my other email addresses. put “.com” after info@punchharder, info@knifefightingbooks, keith@keithpascal)

And that’s it.

Once you have been verified as an original owner, your name will be put in a hat. Each week for about a month, 5 names will be drawn out.

If you are a lucky winner, you get to participate for free. (After all, you already bought the original course.)

Note: I wish I could allow all original customers in on this, but unfortunately I am just one guy … who is going to have to answer a lot of email, even with the 50 limit.


2. Buy-In Special (only 20 seats available)

If you don’t have time to recruit 3 martial artists (the next option), and you aren’t a current owner of the ecourse (the previous option), then you can buy in with the regular purchase of the ecourse.

Remember, if someone referred you, don’t forget to list their name (so, I can credit them for option #3).

Buy in now for $100

Warning, don’t use buttons on other pages. Only these two will get you entered into the special PLATINUM Punch eCourse that begins on January 15th.

$100 (nothing more to pay) — Download The Regular Course Now,

but we begin together on January 15th

Installment Plan (5 Payments)

5 Monthly Payments of $25 —

    Download Volume ONE now, and get one course per month.

    (Official course starts on January 15th)

Be sure to mention the person who referred you, so they get a chance to participate, too.

Also, you can quit at any time with the monthly option, but you won’t see more volumes or the bonuses at the end. By the way, in the whole history of the regular Punch eCourse, only 2 people ever opted out of the course early … and one of the two rejoined when funds were available.

3. REFER 3 Martial Artists to Take Advantage of #2 (See Above)

Drop me an email with your name and the email address that you’d like to use for the ecourse. Let me know that you intend to get three people to join.
I’ll keep track (you can, too). As soon as 3 martial artists have signed up, you are in … assuming there are still spots open. And as long as they stay registered for the entire course, so do you ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll email everyone when the course is full.

Send your people to this sell page:

The Doors Are Officially Open

Best of luck to you!


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