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Brand New List for 2016…

New Martial Arts Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

If you can’t afford to get hurt in a fight, then you can’t afford to get distracted!
And if you can’t instantly heal like The Wolverine or The Highlander, then you might need Full-On Fight Focus: 5 Practical Exercises! (And the tips in this practical martial-arts newsletter!)

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Let’s be honest …

If you think you can learn everything you need to know about fighting and self-defense from Youtube videos, then you and I have a different take on reality.

You just CAN’T learn it all online. And not from videos!

What you can do is get some off-line training, practice, or actual fighting experience and supplement it with information that WILL help you improve and “take it to the next level.” (Translation: Defend yourself when it really matters.)

In the newsletter (and the ebooks) that I’m going to send you, we don’t get style specific. In other words, the tips tactics, and techniques work for just about any martial arts style, from MMA to JKD, with the classical systems included.

To quote Bruce Lee: “I don’t believe in different ways of fighting now. I mean, unless human beings have 3 arms and 3 legs, then we will have a different way of fighting. But basically we all have two arms and two legs so that is why I believe there should be only one way of fighting and that is no way.”

Since most of us have two arms and two legs, this advice applies to all. Oh, and if you are missing a limb or don’t have full use of one (or more), then all you need to do is adjust … maybe the angles, maybe the timing, or even the end result. The tactics will still work for you.

As subscribers to this sister newsletter will attest, I have been providing practical martial arts books, ebooks, articles, and suggestions online for over 16 years.

Keith PascalMy name is Keith Pascal and I’m the editor of this New Practical Martial-Arts Tips, Tactics, and Techniques newsletter.

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If you want to defend yourself with confidence then this is the supplemental information that you need. Who knows … one piece of information could mean the difference of you surviving a serious attack.

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