knife_fighting_efficientBring These Skills to a Knife Fight!

Did you know that the best, most effective knife-fighting moves don’t look like the fancy flash that you see in the movies?

For example, you’d never see (or hear) knife clashing against knife in a real fight. Someone would get cut long before such a sequence could ever take place … if either fighter really knew how to wield a blade.

Even if those big-screen, knife sequences aren’t strictly practical, that movie flash is a lot of fun to watch….

Do you remember the Bourne movies (and Ludlum books)? I especially like the knife-fighting action sequences, even when Jason Bourne didn’t have a knife….

Think back to the first movie, The Bourne Identity, when he in his home in France. The assassin attacks, and Bourne picks up a ballpoint pen. (Or imagine the knife fighting sequence of the second movie, The Bourne Supremacy.)

In the first movie, what follows is a super fast, multi-move exchange, that leaves the hero’s pen impaling the killer’s hand, from finger base to the center. Ouch! Right between the fingers. Double ouch!

And impressive!

Don’t you wish you could fight with such speed and efficiency?


If You Want to Be Safer, If You Want to Be a Badass, If You Want to Be a Martial Artist Skilled in Practical Self-Defense, Then at Some Point You’re Going to Have to Acquire Some Knife-Fighting Skills.

Keith PascalKeith Pascal, here,

I’m being frank when I tell everyone that you shouldn’t trust an online video to teach you everything there is about martial arts. (The concept smells of scam and is as ineffective as the “mail-order black belt certifications” once offered in martial arts magazines.)

You can NOT learn a complete martial arts style online; I know for a fact that you won’t be happy with the results. Not only that, but you could get yourself killed, thinking that you’re now skilled.

You just can’t go from zero to black belt with a little online instruction, but you can develop certain skills … and add valuable tactics and techniques to your martial-arts repertoire. (Your skill set becomes your arsenal.)

Do you crave Bourne books and movies, get jazzed with a Steven Seagal knife fight (Like in Under Siege), or prefer the Tommy Lee Jones fights in The Hunted? Don’t forget Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible….

What if I could offer you something better?

What if I could guarantee that you’d acquire more “practical” knife defense skills with an ebook, a practice partner, and a couple of training knives in under two weeks?



What’s Wrong With Traditional Knife Fighting?

You can significantly improve all aspects of your knife fighting ability in 10 Days, but you can’t rely on traditional martial arts styles to get you there.

Face it, if you train knife fighting in a Karate class, then you’re going to end up looking like a karateka with some very karate-like knife moves. If you train in Tae Kwon Do, then you’re knife fighting is going to have the rhythms and distances associated with TKD.

It just makes sense.

I’m sorry to have to be the one to pull back the curtain and reveal the true nature of the less-than-mighty, and almost-powerless Oz … but these single styles rarely offer enough to really help you in a knife fight against someone with any real skill.

You need some tactics and techniques that transcend style. If you’re going to have a chance, then you need skills that work against any style without exhibiting the weaknesses of a particular style.

And you definitely need to drop the movie flash, right now!


Note: I won’t be offended if you decide you eventually need more than what my one ebook offers. You should blend from a variety of knife-fighting systems, in order to create the most effective combination that works for you! Start with this ebook, or add it to your valuable martial arts collection. For some, this package, a few knives, and a training partner will be all that they need …



Grab a training partner, 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, and a few training knives….

10 Days to Better Knife FightingI’d love to tell you that you can learn to fight with a knife in the privacy of your own room, alone, with TV or music blaring in the background, but the fact of the matter is that in order to develop precise timing, distance, and to learn to deal with an attacking knife efficiently and effectively, you actually have to have a knife coming in at you.

Pretending in your mind just won’t work, this time. Makes sense, right?

So, you need someone to practice with you … a friend, a spouse, a child, sibling, etc.

You’ll work through the exercises together, just a few minutes a day for 10 days … or you could race through the ebook all in a day, but I think it’s better to break it up … and repetitively reinforce those new skills, over time. (In fact, I shudder imagining you practicing knife fighting drills five times a week for a year … or more. Wow.)

Oh, and you need some *practice knives. (*A couple of short dowels, rubber knives, aluminum training blades, or even a couple of rulers.)

knifetechniques1From the first day, as you learn to precisely adjust for knife-fighting distances, to the last day, when you integrate your new skills with a blade, with everything else you know about self-defense, you will almost automatically increase the automatic responses that you’d need to stay safe in a real knife fight.

Did you know that all Keith Pascal ebooks, for sale on this website come with a 100%, Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason, you feel that this ebook (and all of its ebonuses) won’t help you stay safer in a real knife fight, or that you aren’t developing some efficient knife-fighting skills, simply ask for a refund.

I just know that these practical drills will make efficient knife fighting more automatic for you, no matter what your style, or even if you don’t have a style, and no matter what your skill level.

That’s why I offer the complete money-back guarantee.


I’m making this epackage very affordable … for the next 200 customers, only.


10_daysBecause, sometime this year, 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting will be retired. It’s going to be chopped up and turned into several different new products. And the total price for what you’re getting now will be a lot higher.

Are you ready to develop the fighting skills that you need to survive a knife fight, blade to blade?

Would you like to pick up a pen or DVD and use them as the deadly weapons they can be?

And are you ready to acknowledge that classical-style knife fighting might not be enough, all the time?

Then click here for an immediate download of The Knife Fighting ePackage, for only $20. (Less than a price of a quality pizza.)

Even if you’re not going to start practicing immediately, you should snag a copy while it’s in this format, at this price….


Keith, why all the extra ebonuses?

Because, when I dig my teeth into a subject, I really get into it. So, I dove into my notes on practice sessions with a passion. You’ll get tips on impromptu weapons, how to conceal your weapon “mid-fight” and a lot more. You’ll even get some of my favorite drills, like Circle Stabbing for Faster Improvement.

And right now, they are all being included, but this offer won’t last forever. Really!

Get an instant download, now….

“Yes, I want 10 Days to Better Knife Fight + All the eBonuses for only $20”


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