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100 Practical Martial-Arts Articles

100 martial arts articles

I have a great idea for a quick, ebooklet bonus for this great collection of articles … but I need your opinion.

What I’d like to do is to offer a New Readers’ Pick-List. New customers would be able to open the document and see a list of past readers’ favorite articles. This way, they’ll be able to zero in on special articles, based on a favorites list.

So, if you are willing to email me a list of your top 3, 5, or 10 (articles) — your choice — I’ll let you have a review copy of 100 Practical Martial Arts Articles for only $10 … but you have to promise to email the quick list of the articles that you liked the most, as soon as you have read the ebook.

I’ll even include the ebonus that comes with the package, 10 Pressure Point Articles.

So …

If you wait each week for my (Keith Pascal’s) martial-arts newsletter to hit your inbox,

If you wish you could read more of these practical articles,

If you are looking for an extremely good deal, right now …

This is your chance to get this package for only $10.

Others have paid up to (and over) $20 for this collection of super-practical articles.

Obviously, this is a very limited time offer! As soon as I have enough reviews, I’ll close the offer … without warning. (Ok, maybe a “little” warning.)

Download 100 Practical Martial Arts Articles AND 10 Pressure Point Articles for only


(Remember you’re getting this special price, because you’re going to email me a quick list of your favorite articles from the ebook, as soon as you have finished reading the ebook.)

Thanks in advance,

Keith (Pascal)

PS And yes, this comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. EVERYTHING I write always comes with this guarantee.

Download your copy, NOW!

100 practical martial-arts articles

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