Martial Arts Information That You Can Really Use!

Are you interested in practical self-defense?

But you don’t want to read the same-ol’ same-ol’ martial arts drivel?

In a minute, I’ll tell you why this information is different from what else is out there, but first, here’s what you’ll discover on this site:

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Why do many consider this to be some of the best martial arts info. on the Net?

One of the reasons is that these books and ebooks are NOT style specific. That means if you pick up a copy of wrist locks, it will make sense to someone into Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Chin Na, JKD, and even styles that don’t incorporate wrist locks, joint locks, or arms bars into their system.

Not to brag, but another factor that plays an important role in these books is … I went to school and got a degree in the methods of  how people learn best, AND I owned a bookstore that emphasized how-to books. You might call me an expert on the subject.

Not only are they informative, but they’re fun to read. They are filled with anecdotes, humorous tips … and of course, some of the hidden gems of martial arts.

If you read these books and ebooks AND practice what’s in them, I guarantee you will improve. You’ll get a lot better at practical self-defense.

I’m so sure that these books offer super useful how-tos, that I really do back it with a complete, money-back guarantee. (30-Day, Satisfaction Guarantee.)


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