“End all martial-arts-related fears with these specific instructions, case studies, and examples…”

(Get rid of physical panic: Lead-heavy Limbs that won’t move, “Cotton Brain” that Prevents Clear Thought, and Not Reacting with Your Best Moves and Tactics In an Emergency)

Keith PascalKeith Pascal, here:

I don’t know about you, but I originally got into martial arts, because I was tired of getting picked on and seeing my friends get picked on in school. Bullies seemed to lurk around every corner. I also knew that the world outside of school was filled with people who actually got a kick out of hurting others.

I wasn’t what you’d call paranoid, just realistic. I wanted to be prepared, and as I said, I was sick and tired of being hassled.

For me, martial arts was going to be the secret weapon against all bullies at school and the bad creeps of the world.

(Is this why you got into martial arts, too? If not, what was your motivation for learning actual, practical self-defense?)


I Was Learning Self-Defense Skills, But I Still Worried…

Even after a few years of studying practical, no-rules self-defense, the fear, that I had hoped to conquer with increased martial arts skill, remained. I couldn’t shake it. I still worried.

When someone hassled me, or a friend, I still felt panic. My arms and legs felt weighted down with mental cement. (And my face flushed. Just think, I couldn’t hide how scared I was from the guy hassling me. The burning cheeks gave me away.)

And although I had ample opportunity to practice and eliminate butterflies in the stomach, I still reacted with less-than-my-best when sparring in front of the class.

I choked a little. Sometimes, a lot. I performed much better, one-on-one, during practice time, but I couldn’t seem to call on those skills under pressure.

So, I asked my teacher for help. He started me on the road to more confidence. On my quest for an internal calm confidence, I added studies at the second largest psychology cognitive lab in the country. I poured over anything that had to do with fears and phobias.

After receiving teacher’s certification and conquering those fears, I tried the methods on many of my students who suffered all sorts of martially-based fears.

Over time, I (we) refined these methods. A tweak here … a new suggestion there. And I put all of the information into a book.

rick-kirkham“Keith Pascal is one of those rare individuals …

“a realistic martial artist with a talent for both writing and teaching. He tells it like it is with his own style of writing — with humor injected to keep things even more interesting.

“I recommend Mr. Pascal to anyone wanting good, realistic martial arts instruction in any format.”

-Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc Head Instructor Universal System of Self-Defense, Hawaii


Specific Ways to Control and Conquer Your Fear!


You can see from the Table of Contents that each chapter gets specific – you WILL overcome your martial-arts fears:

Introduction — Let’s talk about your martial arts fears, from fears of guns, to training with sharp blades. Fear of getting hurt or killed in a mugging, fear of not reacting with your best, and every other kind of martial-arts fear you you can vividly imagine.

1) Fear of Freezing: Making Sure You Can Respond Confidently When Attacked

2) Fear of Getting Hurt in a Fight

3) Your Personal Fear Trigger, Biofeedback, and the Return of the Secret Technique

4) My Personal Method for Conquering Fear in a Fight

5) Ultra Confidence — Inner Calm: For Martial Artists

6) Overcoming Fear of Weapons Training and Fighting

7) Make Your Own Fear Blaster

Fear Resources


About the Author


To be frank, I wrote this book as a pet project; the subject is near and dear to me. I absolutely knew that I could help others overcome any sort of mind-numbing, panic-creating fear … at least those martial-arts related.

(Don’t ask me about overcoming a fear of heights, spiders, or being confined in small spaces. While I might be able to come up with a few suggestions, after all the research I did, those aren’t my areas of expertise.)

I know how to help people overcome fight fears, self-defense fears, and any martial-arts fear. I’ve been helping with those since 1982, when I taught my first self-defense class.

I was authorized by my martial arts teacher, an original Bruce Lee and Ed Parker Black Belt, to teach that class in 1982, even though full teacher’s certification in JKD and Twin Dragons didn’t come until 1985. (I was that eager to start helping people defend themselves.)

Here’s what people are saying about Control Your Fear: A Guide for Martial Artists:

control-fear-reviews2“Wow!  Keith Pascal has written an excellent book on controlling fear in martial (and other) situations.
“The book is filled with practical ideas for developing one’s own plan for overcoming fear.  That makes sense since Keith is always focused on practical martial arts in his writings.
“As someone who has studied the management of fear in other situations, several things about the book impressed me:  First, Keith realizes that different people will find different methods helpful, so he discusses multiple approaches to managing fear in martial situations.  This allows the reader to choose the method or combination of methods that will be most helpful for them.
“Second, the personal stories Keith includes helps the concepts he presents to “come alive.”  Those stories also help the book to be an enjoyable read.
“Finally, I was extremely impressed with how motivating the book was.  I feel motivated to start training again.  I already found a notebook to use when I go back through the book.
“I’ve read many of Keith’s writings, and I think this book is one of his best.
“Practical, motivating . . . superb!”
–Jay Frasier, College Teacher and Award-Winning Magician

Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists has something to offer every martial artist, no matter their skill level, style, age, gender, or personality type.
Control Your Fear can be used like a quick reference for answering specific fear-management concerns, or it can be read straight though like a novel.
 “The book addresses this issue with practical tips, such as elimination of ego, as well as advice on how to get more from your training, and some great catch-all techniques for actually ending an incident quickly, and effectively.
“You’ll discover how to manage and work through the complex range of emotions we experience in emergencies, so that we are completely ready and able to use our arts when absolutely necessary.”
 –Ben Rayack. E.S.O.L. teacher


If you’re a confident fighter and have learned to control your mind, and to rid it of all fears at crucial times, then I applaud you. You really have made it to the “next level” in martial arts.

You’re one of the fortunate ones.

If you ARE free from the types of fears mentioned, then just sit tight. You’ll get valuable tips in the very next email you get from me on this list. (Sign up at the top right of this page, if for some reason you’re not already a subscriber.)

On the other hand, if you can be honest with yourself … if you worry about freezing in a fight, or worse … IF IT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU BEFORE, then I urge you to check out Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists.

By the way, you absolutely don’t have to worry one bit about whether or not these methods will work for you.


guaranteeControl Your Fear Comes with the Keith Pascal, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

Go ahead and read the ebook and/or book, Control Your Fear. If, after reading it, you feel that it had nothing to offer you, and that not even one of the methods would work for you, then simply ask for a refund. (If you bought a physical copy of the book, package it up, and send it back … I’ll even accept copies that I have personally autographed to you.)

I want you to be glad that you ordered this book. It has to help you; that’s what is ultimately important to me, and that’s why I offer such a rock-solid, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Again, no worry … no risk. Control Your Fear comes with the above money-back guarantee.


“The more I work through the exercises, the more confident I feel.”

Mike-Russell“Even after years of training my body, I worried that my mind would freeze at the worst possible moment. My training buddies shared my concern, but no one had a good answer.

“Pascal’s Control Your Fear was that answer. With a little reading and some light practice, I began to feel more confident….

“The more I work through the exercises, the more confident I feel.”

“Just what I needed.”

–Mike Russell, Freelance Writer and Owner of

How Much Does It Cost?

I know, with people experiencing such a mind-numbing block to true martial excellence, that I could’ve priced this ebook in line with expensive self-helps found online. I could have, but I didn’t.

As mentioned before, you overcoming your fears is what’s important to me.

I really did want this book to be affordable….

Download your copy now, for $19.95 or order a soft cover copy sent to your door, also for $19.95 + $5 postage and handling ($15 for postage outside of the U.S.).

Would you like a special deal?

Order your ebook copy now, so you can read it in a few minutes. Then, I’ll also send you an autographed copy to you (or a paperback left blank), for only half price, AND I’ll pay the postage on orders in the U.S.* (Total price, 19.95 + $10 = $29.95.)

* For orders outside the U.S., order a download now, get the autographed book for half price ($10), and I’ll “split” the postage with you. (Total cost for ebook, bonuses, signed book, and postage … $39.95)



Note: Did I mention that you get two valuable Fear-Related ebonuses, including the popular, Fear in a Box.


Unfortunately, there is a catch … this offer is time sensitive, well actually, “quantity sensitive.”

As of January 5, 2016, I have about 280 copies available to send, and I have over 15,000 subscribers on one of my lists and over 10,000 on another. (Plus half a dozen smaller lists.)

I don’t want anyone who really needs more-than-a-boost-of-confidence to miss out on the combined deal.

Order your copy of “Control Your Fear” (+ Free ebonuses) now:


I’d like an immediate download AND an autographed book (U.S. orders = $29.95)

Just an Immediate Download ($19.95)

A soft cover copy ($19.95 + $5  p and h in the U.S.)

(Orders Outside of the United States, please Click Here!)

I look forward to continuing our conversation within the pages of the book. I’m absolutely positive that I can help you crush any and all fears that you may encounter in a fight or on your martial arts journey. You can read articles or look for some video on Youtube, or you can get proven tactics and techniques, specifically for martial artists and/or people who have to defend themselves, collected into one book.

It’s time to stop allowing this potentially mind-numbing fear from holding you back.

Keith Pascal

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