eliminate fear of fighting

eliminate fear of fightingEven martial artists can panic in a fight. Hey, it happens.

Imagine someone (or multiple “someones”) attacking you. For some reason, as you hear your heart beating in your eardrums, you are overcome by fear.

You aren’t sure that you’ll react with your best techniques, because adrenaline is coursing through your body. In this unavoidable fight, that adrenaline produces an awful sensation.

Your mind clouds … where are those best techniques that you have practiced over and over?

Why can’t you think of them, right now? Why are you afraid that you won’t react with your best?


Do You Freeze in Fights?

Over 40 years ago, I started my formal martial arts practice. Whatever I picked up in class, I diligently took home and practiced. I was determined to be able to defend myself.

As expected, I did learn the techniques. They worked in the dojo, but as soon as the meanies of the world picked on me, all of my training flew out the window, so to speak.

I couldn’t seem to react the way that I had practiced. It turned out that I was an expert at “psyching myself” into a state of fear … even when not in a fight. (Whew. That was a long time ago, but I never forgot the feelings and the emotions of being afraid.)

Over time, with the help of some great “mentor advice” I overcame my martially-related fears. And since then, I have made it a point to help martial enthusiasts with their personal fears.

I wrote an ebook based on all of my successes at helping others conquer their martial-arts fears. And the ebook is working. It’s helping all sorts of martial artists overcome all sorts of martial-arts fears.

This may sound corny, but I am really happy that these methods are helping people to completely conquer their fears of fighting and self-defense.


The Ebook Is Now a BOOK!

I get the honor of announcing a new-and-improved edition of Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists.

The best part is, it’s being offered at a much lower price, now that it’s in soft cover.

This book is about to help you solve your martial-arts fears, once and for all …

Whether you are afraid of defending yourself (or loved ones), panic at the thought of walking home alone, can’t imagine hurting someone, or even get nervous in the dojo (sparring, accepting promotions in front of others, or competing), these methods will solve the problem.

And of course, both the ebook version and the book come with a money-back guarantee.

fear blaster workbook

Add Control Your Fear to the Shopping Cart ($19.95):


The New, Soft-Cover Edition (sent to your home)


The eBook (Immediate download)

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