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Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists

Attention Martial Artists: If you are still worried about freezing in a fight or not reacting with your best martial-arts techniques and strategies, then you should discover what only the top martial artists master….

“7+ Powerful Methods to control any martially-related fear that I have taught many martial artists — methods that they couldn’t find for free on the Internet”
React calmly when anyone hassles you, control any feelings of panic, and overcome any fear of getting hurt … or hurting others with these tested methods.

Dear self-defense enthusiast,

There are definite skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking that have turned me into the confident (and competent) martial artist that I am today. And these control-your-fear methods have been tweaked into easy-to-digest ways to handle any martial-arts related fear situation.

Be Honest With Yourself. If you are like a lot of martial artists…

  • You know martial-arts techniques, but that doesn’t change the adrenaline overflow that you feel when someone challenges you.
  • You aren’t 100% sure that your martial-arts skills will work the way you need them to in a fight.
  • You know that if you could just do what you want to, say what just the right thing, and react with the perfect choice of strategy, that you’d feel a lot more confident.

Does any of the above describe you?

Did you know that most martial artists still feel some sort of fear that they wish they could get a handle on? It’s not their fault that they feel fear. It’s not your fault, either. If you don’t know all of the little tricks for banishing fears — and I am NOT talking about the stuff you find in Internet blogs and articles — and if you don’t know the secret methods used by the masters, then you might never conquer your personal martial-arts related jitters.

Even though my teacher was an original Bruce Lee and Ed Parker student, he had his work cut out with me; I was a mess of fear, all rolled into one, non-athletic, often bullied, slightly overweight bundle of nerves.

Okay, it wasn’t quite that bad, but he did have a challenge.

Years later, some of my own students approached me. They noticed that I appeared really calm in various emergency situations … a transient picked up a weapon when we were training at the park … there were various incidents when I took students to Mexico … a drunk rugby team …


In each case, I reacted calmly and professionally … just the way they wanted to. So, I helped them and others. Over the years, I have been very successful with any interested martial-arts student. These methods work.

I was afraid, so I ran ...

“A few weeks ago, some kids wanted my cell phone. I was afraid to fight, so I ran.

I wrote to Mr. Pascal, because after that incident, I was paranoid about walking home.
His suggestions helped immediately. I can’t wait to read his ebook, when it’s ready.”

Patrick P., martial arts student


Look: The fact that you have read (or skimmed) this far, means that you do have an interest in eliminating martially-related fears and being able to conduct yourself with the calm confidence of a martial arts master. Keep reading, and I’ll give you a tip or two on this page….

What I am about to say might be the exact opposite of what other martial artists say …

    It’s NOT always a good idea to fake it ’til you make it!

I am all in favor of “acting as if” in all sort of situations, but you have to be careful about this when it comes to fighting. I have seen bolstering, obnoxious guys “acting as if” they are skillful fighters all the time. Unfortunately, I have also seen these wannabes get handed their egos as a side dish with a knuckle sandwich.

Obviously, they thought that it was best to be on the offensive and act aggressively, even before there was a need to.

Don’t worry. I won’t teach you crap like that.

Even if you don’t think my methods will work for you (I’ll tell you about the guarantee in a  minute or two), I know that you will conquer your personal fears. In under 140 pages, we’ll cover:

  • Suggestions for calling up your best techniques every time.
  • Ways specifically for Beginners to lose the fear of defending themselves.
  • A specific method for advanced martial artists to deal with the fear of having to hurt others in a fight.
  • How to make sure that you never freeze in a fight … again.
  • The ultimate biofeedback bandage. More effective than you know.
  • How to develop a more effective link between mind and body.
  • The Return of The Son of … The Secret Technique. Shh. It’s a Secret.

These are the fear controlling methods that I used to get where I am today!

    Challenged By Karate School Just Two Years After Starting

    I had studied judo, tae kwon do, and karate as a kid and teen, but my real martial-arts education began when I was 20, with Steve Golden.

    Just two years into my study with him full time, I had the opportunity to spend the summer in Italy. I started my adventure in England, where I decided to get in some martial-arts training.

    I found a suitable school. They wanted an expensive amount to train with them for a couple of hours. I paid, and suited up.

    Little did I know that some of these Brits weren’t keen on American citizens. I just wanted to train; they wanted to rip my head off … politely … but aggressively.

    To make a long story short, I started with the method found on Page 60 of the soft cover edition of Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists. And at the end of the two hours, they refunded my money, took me out for a meal of Indian food, and thanked me profusely for the mini lesson that I gave them.

    All because I reacted without fear with the best response possible for the given situation.



Why You Need to Overcome Your Fear of Weapons Training

Training with weapons is a tricky matter. One the one hand, you want to be safe, so you include all sorts of safety equipment. But then, you become too safe, so to speak. Since there is no fear of danger, you don’t experience the same feelings as you would in a real fight where one or both parties wielded a weapon.

You’d think that the answer would be to train without protection, like eye goggles, padding, and leg guards. Well, you could get hurt.

With one method, you are so protected that your techniques could become sloppy and with the other, you could get hurt.

The solution is to link your competence with your confidence. I’ll show you how. It’s all wrapped up in your lesson on how to overcome your fear of getting cut in a fight, how to make yourself a little uncomfortable to improve faster, and all of the interim steps to becoming a master of the weapon of your choice.

And guess what. These lessons transfer to the world of unarmed combat, too. In fact, the lesson on making someone gun-shy is worth the price of the book.

“If You Don’t Know Methods For Controlling All Martially-Related Fears, Then You Aren’t Fighting At Your Best…

And That’s a Fact!”

There is no question that this book (or ebook) will help you crush your martial-arts fears. And the price for ending your fear, once and for all is so insanely low, that I am sure …

a lot of martial artists serious about improving will take advantage of this limited-time offer. The question is will you act fast enough to grab a copy, before this offer ends?

Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists

Here’s What YOU Get With Your Order … of Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists

Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists (Either Soft Cover, or Immediate Download)

    Table of Contents:

    1) Fear of Freezing: Making Sure You Can Respond Confidently When Attacked
    2) Fear of Getting Hurt in a Fight
    3) Your Personal Fear Trigger, Biofeedback, and The Return of The Secret Technique
    4) My Personal Method for Conquering Fear in a Fight
    5) Ultra Confidence — Inner Calm: For Martial Artists
    6) Overcoming Fear of Weapons Training and Fighting
    7) Making Your Own Fear Blaster
    Fear Resources
    About the Author

Bonus #1: The Fear Blaster Workbook (PDF, download only)

    Pick one specific martial fear that you have.

    Then start plugging in the answers to the workbook. In no time at all, you’ll have a specific plan, that will work, for complete eliminating your specific fear.

    This is a powerful technique. The workbook incorporates methods found in the main ebook, and offers unique advice of its own.

    Hands on is the real way to eliminate your fear. Don’t just read solutions … take immediate steps to build the inner calm of a martial-arts master, now.

    This is the perfect companion to Control Your Fear.

    The Fear Blaster Workbook normally sells for $19.95 (cheap for a workbook) — but it’s FREE with the next 100 orders.

    Get yours now, before the offer goes away.

Bonus #2: Fear In a Box (15 pgs)

    In a fight, you have to have a laser-focused mind….

    In some cases, it will mean the difference between survival and getting your _ss kicked — or worse.

    Face it; fear clouds the brain.

    It becomes impossible to concentrate on anything, let alone the best techniques to employ. And for some “victims,” automatic reactions won’t be enough. It’s sad, but true.

    Fear in a Box will give you a great method for focusing your concentration, and it’s much easier to perfect than the candle technique in Control Your Fear.

    Fear in a Box (15 pages) is your gift, when you order Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists.

Try Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists with no risk to you.

If for any reason you feel that this ebook is not right for you, for any reason, we’ll give you a prompt refund.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

With all the risk gone, if you decide not to take advantage of this special offer, then you don’t really want to control your fear once and for all.

I hope you decide to do what it takes to raise your level of martial confidence and competence.


Warning: This Offer Won’t Be Available For Very Long

This is a small-run book. At present time, I only have a few hundred copies in my possession. (There are more available from a warehouse, or on Amazon …but this offer will end, when my stock sells out.)

To be frank, I am making this offer available to only 40,000 martial artists … those on my lists. You won’t see this deal advertised anywhere else. And it won’t be up for long.

fear blaster workbook

$17.95 (+ $5 postage anywhere)

(The ebook alone of Control Your Fear sells anywhere from $27.95 – $39.95
As I said, this is a great deal!)

Claim your BOOK (Soft Cover) before they sell out …


Soft Cover — $17.95 (+ $5 postage anywhere)


Click HERE to claim your eBOOK (downloadable, so no postage) copy before the offer ends…

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