Martial Arts Definitions

This really isn’t a blog post about a Jeet Kune Do fighter taking on a MMA fighter; rather, it’s about the confusion of ‘mixing martial arts” with “Mixed Martial Arts” (MMA).

Mixed Martial Arts is a sport, a competition with rules. It just so happens that the sport — and it is a sport, no offense intended — is made up a variety of martial arts styles, this the notion of mixing.

So, people assume that JKD is similarly a mixing of a variety of martial arts styles.

Jeet Kune Do Is NOT Just Mix-and-Match

Most people think that bits from each style make up JKD … I have come to believe that this isn’t necessarily so. I think it’s more that the principles aren’t limited to any one style; they can be found within almost any style and don’t even have to be associated with a certain system … but each single style does have limitations. The styles themselves won’t be faithful to all the principles of JKD.

So, if you were faithful to Bruce Lee, you’d have to be brutally honest and eliminate some of the stuff from any classical style, including wing chun and western boxing, two of the styles that Bruce Lee borrowed from for his Way.

Implementing Bruce Lee’s Ideas

You eliminate the inefficient. You dump the moves that make you susceptible to feints and fakes.

Then you fill in the gaps, with pieces from other styles. The whole time, you stay faithful to the principles of JKD.

Note: Did you know that The Punch eCourse is one of the only places that you can really learn all of Bruce Lee’s Punch-Check Combinations. In fact, I stay faithful to Bruce Lee’s teachings throughout all five volumes … especially the volume on punch strategy.

To me, this is different from MMA. Neither is it simply mixing and matching any move from any style, just to have an arsenal of techniques. JKD was meant to be dynamic … you have to continuously examine and reexamine what you do … always striving for improvement … for ways to approximate Bruce Lee’s principles more faithfully and precisely.

This is different than just mixing and matching.

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