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Sometimes, readers ask if I have samples of my paid ebooks and books. That’s a very fair request. The current ebook requested is Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively (a.k.a. Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively).

While the following excerpt is not an example of how you can immediately improve your teaching technique, it does address a very important issue in helping your students to competently defend themselves in a real altercation.

The two schools in question were brought together for competition, because it was an experiment, where they wanted to measure results. Still, it all applies to real application.

Here’s the link to download the excerpt:

teach martial arts download excerpt

Download Martial Arts Experiment in Sparring



Let me know if it helps you, at all. Do you need more explanation on blending the two?

How about your experiences when teaching practical application? Do you require precise technique from your students? Do you get them close to reality?

Hey … a special shout out to Steve Miller’s Intrepid Martial Arts Group on Facebook. This ebooklet gift is for you guys! After all of these years, I don’t think Dan Inosanto would mind if I share with you that the two schools in question were his.

I wrote this about a decade ago, although Dan Inosanto told me this story back in the early 1980s, in Eugene, Oregon.

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  1. money says:

    Good blog dude, but it would be better if you give details about one martial art on weekly basis. Please give full information about one martial art in a week. Anyway keep up the good work.

  2. kerwinbe says:

    But I don’t write about specific martial arts. I write about practical application … how to apply what you know to better fighting techniques and strategies.

    Thanks for the compliment, though … and I’ll see if I can write something that relates to what you are doing.


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