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Do you focus on practical self-defense techniques?

This is going to sound weird, but if you are NOT into competitions, then I feel that you need an edge or an advantage in a real-world fight. Follow my reasoning:

Your Techniques Are Your Tools

Have you ever seen a traditional martial arts school practice sparring?

Of course, each martial-arts practitioner has his or her own style, but basically they are bringing the same tools or weapons to the competition. They know the same moves, the same sequences and the same responses.

This is all fine and dandy for testing who has absorbed what. And if your school emphasizes individual improvement, then this is an opportunity to test your tools and see if they work — if they are effective.

This really is both fine and acceptable if your goal is to compete … against your own style.

But, what if you are fighting a real attacker in a self-defense situation?

Real Fights

If someone attacks you, for real, I don’t think you want to match weapons with the dude and see which of you has the best side kick or spinning-back kick. You want an advantage … at least I do.

To me, a real fight is completely different from a sparring situation, and I am not just referring to rules and etiquette in the ring.
Look, I don’t know what the attacker knows; I have no idea of his or her level of skill. Unless I glean some quick cold-reading clues, I am going in to the fight blind.
Not desirable.
At least in a competition, you probably know the opponent’s style. And if you are sparring within your own school, then you probably have intimate knowledge of the type of punches and kicks that are about to be fired off at you. Agreed?

It Should Have Been No Surprise

A couple of weeks ago, I promoted the Control Your Fear book to my lists of martial artists. As a test, a percentage of those people saw a special offer — instead of just Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists, I gave them the option of combining two books to save money.

They could also choose to include How to End the Fight With One Hit.

I was absolutely amazed at how many people took advantage of the double book offer (for the test group that saw it). I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Do You Know Why They Bought End the Fight With One Hit?

Martial artists are looking for that advantage in a real fight. They know techniques … they already know how to kick to the groin or eye jab (although I have some interesting thoughts on this subject). They have practiced punching and they seem to know some pretty vulnerable spots.

Yet all of this is not translating in to practical application against real attackers. Ending the fight quickly should be the name of the game.

And that’s where I come in….

People bought End the Fight With One Hit with the goal of finding something that will give them the edge in a real fight. Of course, I’d love it if everyone on my list bought this ebook (and its bonuses — they are important, too), but that’s not going to happen. In fact, less than 1% of my lists will ever get access to this ebook.

    Let me repeat that: Less than 1% of my lists will ever get access to this ebook.

I know that for a fact.
Whether you go to another source — your martial-arts teacher, a friend, or even a Youtube video for Some Secret Tip relating to martial arts … or you buy End the Fight With One Hit, do something today … do something now, to ensure your safety in a REAL self-defense emergency.

Don’t go into a fight with the same tools and techniques as your attacker.

I wish you safety,


PS If you are looking for the combination deal (End the Fight and Control Your Fear), click here.

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