Ordering Methods

Order Problems?

Occasionally, someone has a problem using the payment method offered with a particular product. (This site uses Paypal.com and Clickbank.com.)

If you have problems with one of those methods, we can usually provide an alternative. For example, if you are trying to buy How to End the Fight with One Hit and for some reason you can’t use the Paypal link within the Clickbank checkout, then maybe this link will work better:

Also, you can always send payments with checks or money orders in U.S. dollars (although we wait for them to clear at the bank before we ship or give the download link).
Be sure to list which product or offer you are ordering when you send the money order:

    Kerwin Benson Publishing
    2749 Friendly Street, Suite Q
    Eugene, Oregon 97405

Be sure to email me with requests or questions:

    info@kerwinbenson-dot-com (replace “-dot-” with a “.”)

Let me know how I can help,

Keith (Pascal)

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