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mcdonald's happy meal for martial-arts training?The other day, we went to McDonald’s for dinner. Hey, we don’t do it often. (If you want to know why we go there at all, write me. It’s an interesting reason.)

Anyway, our 12-year old daughter, Quinn Pascal, ordered a Happy Meal. She’s not interested in the toys, but it’s the perfect-sized meal for her.

This time, the meal came in a small, plastic bucket. I assume that they want kids to use them for Trick-or-Treat purposes, on Halloween.

As a joke, I told her she could take it into the shower and play with it. (She used to love to pour bath water from one container to another, when she was a little rugrat.

My daughter lifted the handle to the bucket and countered my suggestion with, “Or Pop, you could use it to practice EYE JABS!”

All I could respond with was, “I like the way you’re thinking.”mcdonald's happy meal bucket to train eye jabs

Hmm. Eye Jabs? I wonder if she has been reading a certain chapter in How to End the Fight With One Hit.

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  1. Still Happy Meals. Hunter went to adult size meals about two years ago. Quinn’s one year older.


  2. kerwinbe says:

    She’s a big girl, already. I’m glad she chooses the smaller size, when it comes to that cra … uh … food.


  3. terry says:

    love it, hopefully my grandson Tyler will in time use this too good effect .as always respect to you and family

  4. Wally says:

    Carful Kip, McDonald might sue you for patent violations. No wait….. how able I sue McDonald for not having a warning label on the mask against eye pocks.
    Thanks Kip.

  5. kerwinbe says:

    I suppose if someone really wanted to use it as an eye-jab training tool, it could be done. I’d probably remove the handle from the bucket and then fill those skull eyes with soft cloth or sponge ๐Ÿ™‚

    Really, I just like the way my daughter was thinking. She does NOT eat, think, and breathe martial arts; her interest is developing slowly.


  6. OWAIS says:


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