Martial Arts Video War

As a test, I recently sent out two martial-arts videos to subscribers of two of my other lists.

One video was 15 minutes long; the other was a 3-minute vid. Do you know which video is selling the most copies of How to End the Fight with One Hit?

First, a breakdown of what each covered. Then, I’ll share the results of the test. And finally, you can watch the videos for yourself … and comment, if you’d like.

15-minute Video:

  • me reading the slides that appear on the screen
  • a few video presentation effects
  • some background music and sound effects
  • features and benefits of End the Fight with One Hit

3-Minute Video:

  • quick solve for a customer problem
  • no boring slideshow ‘script’ slides
  • photograph examples
  • free resource
  • paid resources
  • minimal sound effects

Which Video Is Outselling the other at an 8:1 ratio?

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the statistics, but  …

drum roll, please …

the long video (15-minutes of boring monologue) is far outselling the short, more specific one (3-minute slideshow). In fact, for every eight ebooks of How to End the Fight sold through the long presentation, only one sell from the “Being Helpful” tip.

martial arts video explaining ebook how to end the fight with one hit

quick solve martial arts video



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