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Steroids Assumption

Many apologies if you happen to be an anabolic-steroid injector who juices his muscles, but I am going to be very frank in this article.

You see, when I create articles, I write from the perspective that I am going against a fighter who pumps with steroids. Of course, I may never encounter a steroidal bully in an altercation … but it’s still a useful stereotype to incorporate into my training, both mentally and physically.

Martial Stereotypes

So, what are some “fairly safe” assumptions that we can make about the biceps-bulging bully (alliteration intentional) harassing us in public?

1. He’s Into Himself — I guarantee this guy appreciates his own physical appearance too much to be healthy. Now, I am NOT suggesting that you flash him a photo for self-admiration and then hit him on the offbeat — but I am suggesting that he might be too full of himself and his imagined capabilities …

2. He Automatically Thinks He’s Better Than You — Not only does he think that you are intimidated by his appearance, but his meager martial meanderings have afforded him just enough success to make him sure that he knows more than anyone else out there.

Note: His assumption of superiority can be used against him. Hmm. Maybe if you play the part of acting afraid, you could use this to your advantage. I know how I would.

3. He Has a Temper Problem — I can pretty much guarantee it. He might think that he has it in check in most cases, but believe-you-me, because of his steroid injections, the bad-a _ _ dude has anger issues. If you are ready for the possible responses, you can “poke the bear” to your advantage.

Get your bodybuilding brutish bouncer so mad, that he can’t see straight, and well … he won’t be able to see straight.

    Of course, my real advice is to stay away from such loonie-tunes, rage-ruling ruffians completely. But if you have to deal with one, have some fun. Manipulate the situation to your advantage.

4. He doesn’t think he has a problem — Remember, he thinks he’s just this side of Adonis. He thinks that “you” are the weakest link. Good. Great, even. His current thought is that “he” is a fighter — and martial artists don’t know how to fight. According to Stevie Steroids, martial artists compete, play by the rules, and live in a fantasy world.

While I am sure that some martial artist don’t have a concept on what it takes to survive in a modern, real fight, I write ebooks like End the Fight With One Hit, to keep people grounded in reality. I provide a martial reality … that works. (And yes, I realize that the title of the ebooks seems fantastical; it was intentional.)

5. The guy has a thick neck — Hey, it just seems to come with the territory. I have never met a juicer yet who hasn’t had bulging muscles between his shoulders and his jaw line. (No, not all thick-necked people are steroid users. That would be faulty logic.)

So, don’t pick the vulnerable areas on the neck as your first target.

And speaking of vulnerable areas …

6. These hormone honeys are really beefy in the upper chest — This means that they can’t bring their elbows together in the front of their bodies. There is a line, if you look for it, in the center, that these turkeys can’t easily guard … straight to some very vulnerable targets.

Use this to your advantage.

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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Concern

To be really frank with you, I don’t spend a lot of time in the world of MMA. Always keep in mind that my focus is on REAL self-defense, not competition martial arts.

This is nothing against those guys — it’s just my interest lies in practical application, not in a tournament bound by rules. (And yes, sometimes, those matches can be a lot of fun to watch. Other times, they bore me silly.)

The reason that I mention Mixed Martial Arts is that when I did a google search for “steroids” and “fighting” or “martial arts,” MMA monopolized the results.

Obviously, just like any other sport, this is a major cause of concern. Wouldn’t you agree?

Parents: Do you really want your kids hanging out with or admiring anger-issue annoyers? Should guys who put crud in their bodies be the idols of our youth? These drugs cause everything from high blood pressure to acne, with a dose of LDL cholesterol thrown in. Ugh.

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The above article is probably a good start at understanding my anti-anobolic attitude.

For better or worse, sometimes in this world, we don’t all get along. We think in terms of “us” and them.” (Nod to the Pink Floyd song by the same name.)

For me, steroid martial artists (fighters, if m.a. carries a sigma for you) are the THEM, not the US.

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