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This past week, I became a martial-arts, internet spy (so to speak) …

My friend, Loren Christensen, is also a martial-arts writer. Well, this last week, I did a little snooping, to find out which of his titles were selling the best. (The last time I did this kind of research, I simply asked him  🙂

Your Martial-Arts Skills

So, how does this kind of information affect you and your martial skills?

Well, I have often found that in any given field of study, sport, pastime, niche, or genre, if you look at the buying habits of the community, you can often put your finger on the pulse of the entire field.

For example, on, I have noticed a trend of Japanese “katana” swords. Sales of these are on the rise. The subject seems to be popular with, as well.

Wouldn’t it benefit you to know what other martial artists are having problems with? What problems do the popular products try to solve?

Best Martial Arts or Not?

So, I went looking to see what was selling from Loren’s collection of books. I won’t tell you specific titles, because I am not trying to sell you on this book or that. What I have is a much more useful bit of information….

I noticed a correlation … between sexy titles and sales!

What I mean is that the topics that promise “instant results” are the ones that sell the best. He has a lot of great books on a variety of subjects, but I noticed that the “good-for-you” subjects don’t sell that well.

Can you see how important this martial knowledge is to you?

If you learn the hard-to-master skills, you are going to demolish these “pop seekers” almost every time.

Let me give you a specific example …

Which Is The Best Martial Arts eBook?

If I offered my lists the following ebooks for the same price, can you predict which would sell the best?

  • Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively
  • The Punch Papers (Lessons in Punching Harder and Faster)
  • Become The Martial Artist Your Were Meant to Be By Taking Charge of Your Learning
  • How to End the Fight With One Hit
  • Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists

    Well, which do you think is the big seller?

    Did you guess the one that makes the “instant success” promise?

    How to End the Fight With One Hit is the winner in that contest, which is funny, because I feel that there is another book on the list that is infinitely more valuable to the beginning or intermediate fighter. I would have chosen the one on how to control your fear. Why? Because if you are frozen in fear or panicking, you’ll never be able to use what you learn from the other ebooks. Makes sense, right?

    Before You Buy Your Next Self-Defense eBook

    If you want to soar above other martial artists, then I have a bit of advice: Before your make your next ebook purchase, check to see if you are buying it, because it promises something “instant.” And keep in mind that the long road is often the path to gaining the most skill.

    So, am I criticizing my own ebook (End the Fight …)? In some ways, yes, I am. I think it makes a great combination with Control Your Fear, but it’s definitely not a complete answer. It explores one objective for those who will have to defend themselves … ending a fight faster. But it’s not the instant answer that most expect.

    Personally, I prefer my complete Punch eCourse (ask me about it, because it’s out of print) for gaining true martial skills. But I realize that the 60+ lessons aren’t for everyone. Some want a quick way to get better at winning a fight.

    So, did this post help … or have I confused the issue?

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