law of attraction skeptic here

Law of Attraction … ooh, magic!

We could get into a discussion about whether or not The Law of Attraction is real, just a myth, or … if people are trying to label some different phenomenon.

I don’t care what you believe about it.

(Personally, I believe in having the right outlook about ones goals, martial-arts or otherwise, but the “quantum connection” is as bogus as it gets. Again, this is just a personal belief … or disbelief.)

The point of this post?

I like reading about people achieving their goals. It jazzes me to strive for my own objectives. I do this with combative training, all the time.

So, what does this have to do with “The Secret” and other manifesting-laws books?

Well, I have noticed that whenever a goals author switches to a discussion of The Law of Attraction or “manifesting,” I unsubscribe faster than you can say “primitive magic beliefs.”

So, I was wondering …

Are there any martial-arts topics that cause the same reaction in you? Do you unsubscribe whenever someone mentions MMA? How about Bruce Lee or JKD?

Let me know what your “topics of disdain” are. What makes you cringe, where you think, “Keith, get off that topic now, or you will lose me?”

End Note

My disbelief in these “meta-physicists” is part of my belief system. I’m not trying to change you. I read at least 6-7 books covering both sides of the argument, before I “passed judgment.”

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