fighting practice time wasters

How would you like to improve in the martial arts at a much faster rate? Become a better fighter?

If I said, “Turn off your computer and practice more,” you’d click away from this post faster than I can whip off 10 punches (and I am a “fairly” fast puncher).

What I am going to tell you will be a painful dose of martial-arts medicine for some practitioners:

Examine Your Internet Social Connections

In a minute, we’ll discuss the true purpose of the following social media — a super purpose — but for now, think about your use of Facebook, Blog Posting (others, not your own blog), and posting on Discussion Fora (Forums).

For the last two weeks, I have clocked how much time I have spent posting, reading, and contemplating my participation on a specific Martial-Arts, Facebook Forum.

As I am sure you already, know, it was a black hole as far as sucking away hours of my day. Woo-wee! I underestimated how much time I was spending.

You, too?

Now, add up all the time you spend facebooking, tweeting, following others, and so on. What if you were to put 1/3 of that time into bettering yourself as a martial artist?

Power Posting

So, what’s the flavor of your posting?

Are you one of the ones who posts to promote your wares? (I do. Books.)

Do you like to share your opinions with others? (I feel that all of us want to share, and so few of us want to listen/learn. This is the age of authority … everyone’s an expert.)

Or …

Are you the resident comedian? (If you’re truly funny, then … cool. Make sure you aren’t the only one laughing at your jokes. Come to think of it — don’t laugh at your own jokes. You lose “classy points” when you do.)

Ultimate Martial-Arts Schedule

Let’s take a three-paragraph trip down “What If Lane”:

What if you were to add up all the wasted time you spend on the Net; even count what you call communication, if it’s not “really” communicating.

Spend 1/3 of your “internet time” on more martial practice. Spend the next third of your allotted-time-saved trying to improve your martial arts through internet research….

You may go back to the same social sites that we just criticized for their time-wasting ability. Instead of the dreary poster, you become a power user; you be the one to ask the questions. Let others strut their stuff with their knowledge. Comment, as a way to add focus to the topic or elicit clearer instructions. Then actually practice what you glean from these posts.

Free — Freedom At Last!

What about that last third of time gained back from online social sauntering?

It’s yours. It’s valuable. It’s a secret ingredient.

When I fist started writing books, I was worried that the Internet was going to turn every martial artist into a book author.

How silly of me!

These combative experts are all busy posting and wasting their time on social sites.

I’m willing to bet that you could condense your social time into a fraction of that last third, but make it real, honest, worthwhile communication.

We could all benefit from eliminating some of the digital clutter that we produce.

So, communicate, if you must. ALthough, I suspect that the internet research will include some back-and-forthing with people; this could satiate your texting desires.

Now, use that last chunk of time, a fairly big chunk of time, as your secret weapon. Will you practice more? Research more? Take additional martial-arts lessons? Attend seminars? Buy and study books, ebooks, and downloadable videos?

Use your time wisely.

Or should I say, “Use your time wisely, if you would become truly skilled in the ways of self-defense and martial arts.”

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