Fearless I Pity You

Someone just gave me the suggestion to rename my book from Control Your Fear to Eliminate Your Fear.

Nice suggestion — and while it probably would increase sales a bit, it sends the wrong message:

Our bodies give us messages all the time; we need them:

If we never felt full, then we’d burst from overeating

If we could experience hunger, then we wouldn’t have the proper cue to eat

If our tactile sense were on the blink, then we might accidentally touch something too hot, or stay in the sun until we got sunburnt to a (wait, that happens)

You get the point.

Fear is a good warning sign, but we need to learn to use it to our advantage, right?

If it’s getting in the way of how you function as a martial artist. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter if you need to gain a calmer, more ready-to-respond, feeling to be able to fight, to get over a fear of hurting someone else in a self-defense situation, or even a fear of training with real weapons … you have to do something about it.

If you procrastinate on this one, then your improvement as a martial artist will be hindered.

So, if you can’t afford this incredible deal Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists (Discounted) which will vanish soon, then ask you martial arts teacher for some personal help controlling your fear.

And make sure it’s tailored to your martial arts learning — not just general advice.


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