elbow strikes to the body

Elbow Strike: Quick Techniques to the Body

A lot of martial artists have been training to continue punching in toward the target, no matter what happens in the fight. Call them a “flurry-of-punches-machine.”
It’s almost as if their fists want to keep reaching toward the target, even if something impedes its path. Do you know what I am talking about?

Well, here’s a concept to practice:

Any time you feel that your fists, hands, or wrists are being trapped, see if you can reach in with your elbow. It might have to pivot over an obstruction, or come up from below. You might have to use it in conjunction with your forearm to blast through a blocking arm or hand.

The point is to make the motion quick and to the point. You feel that your fist has stopped moving toward your target … BAM, all of a sudden you smash some target on his or her body with your elbow strike.



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  1. nayan says:

    hi keith,

    nice discussion. in wing chun, we have numerous tools that lend themselves quite well to the follow-up elbow strike.

    i am so glad i discovered wing chun, after years of training in karate and shaolin, which were very labor intensive, but never really improved my fighting ability.

  2. kerwinbe says:

    I agree. Think of chi sao. Any time your bong-sao/taan-sao arm
    feels the pressure slip down to its wrist (especially if the opposing force
    is off centerline), it gives you the opportunity to roll over, leading with
    the elbow — right onto to their center. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am sure you can think of other examples.


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