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Update: Well, I joined the group … and unsubscribed a week later. It turns out the Martial Arts Writers group on Facebook is too general for me. I wanted a group that focused on martial arts “writing” … publishing, getting published, creating blogs, etc.

This might be the perfect group for beginners who have never posted before. For the writer who has something published, it might not offer enough “meat” for you.

Just a quick thought.

I know we all surf the Net in search of good martial arts information, right?

Well, recently, I joined a group of martial arts writers on Facebook, MAW.

There, I found a new site (new to me). It’s called Truwazama, and you’ll find it at truwazama.weebly.com/

And within that site, you will start to see articles by Dave Lomas. I have already found an article in one section, and another in another. Go explore.

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