Can you learn fighting from ebooks?

Can you learn to fight from an ebook?

Good question.

Apparently, one “unsubscriber” feels that you can’t.

He thought that my articles were “very interesting,” but that you can’t learn from silly, little pdfs. He felt that in-class learning is the only way. (Hey, I love my classes … but I certainly learn a lot from books, too.)

Silly pdf books?

From his remarks, I can tell a few things:

1. He comes from a fossilized style of martial arts. He doesn’t have teachers who encourage learning from many sources. Poor guy … he needs new martial-arts instructors who will encourage the reading of books. Wouldn’t you agree?

2. He has never bought a printed book or a full ebook from me. The fact that he called them silly, little pdfs means that he has only read my freebies. These do have useful information, but they are meant to be teasers. The paid books and ebooks have the “meat.”

3. My money-back guarantee must not mean anything to him. I guarantee everything I write 100%. (This means that this “dude” is unwilling to take risks.)

4. All of the above will limit his learning.

5. I have now read several of his emails. His rude nature probably causes him lots of conflict. He NEEDS good self-defense instruction. (I bet he picks it with a lot of people.)

The Bruce Lee Connection

In his second email, he chastised me, asking who I was to mention Bruce-Lee’s name. Obviously, he hasn’t read any of my mini-biography (bio) boxes all over the net — some interviews, too. They mention how I am a second-generation student; my teacher was an original. Some interviews even mention the other Bruce Lee original students who have taught me on occasion.
(This isn’t to brag — simply a reason why I turn to “the master” for learning ideas.)

And the reason I mentioned Bruce Lee to the unsubscriber? Because Bruce had a collection of over 2,000 martial-arts books (no ebooks back then). The Consummate Martial Artist obviously saw value in learning from martial books.

Oh, well.

Arm-Chair Martial Artists

It’s funny how when someone wants to attack another martial artist on the Internet, they call him or her an arm-chair martial artist.

I could claim that I am not sure what that is supposed to mean … but actually, I have a fair idea of the intent of the insult. 😉

Of course, these guys instantly give-up their “alpha-dog posturing,” as soon as they meet the person whom they have insulted, face to face.

In the spirit of good fun, and because I do write while sitting down, I thought I’d gift everyone a copy of two ebooklets … both on martial arts from a chair. (Humor intended.)

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wrist locks from a chairbonus wrist locks ebook











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