attacked at a bar

Imagined That You Are Attacked at a Bar ….

This was the topic of discussion in several articles in Martial Arts Mastery, Issue #530.

We talked about low kicks, wrist locks responses, and even eye jabs with a body pivot. I’d like to remind you that those martial-arts articles were rich with fodder for some good practice sessions.

First, you could create a bunch of scenarios with this sideways or side-to-side orientation:

  • in a bar, sitting on bar stools
  • standing next to someone at a public urinal
  • sitting at a long picnic table at some social gathering
  • seated next to a stranger in a movie theater

Next, you could practice the part of the aggressor:

    1. How quickly can you grab the arm next to you?
    2. How subtly can you grab your victim’s arm or wrist?
    3. Can “you” effect some sort of lock, first?
    4. Can you pin the arm, so that he can’t kick or turn?

Finally, practice different responses as the defender:

    1. Try to escape, first.
    2. Try to move your arm, so that it naturally breaks the grab, like in the beginning of a lock.
    3. Lock your opponent by the grab … be ready to hit, as well.
    4. If you have the position, consider a shin or knee kick as a first response, but only if you have the angle.
    5. If it’s a serious attack, find the eye jab line. Be direct.
    6. If it’s not as serious, maybe the eye jab could instead become a face slap … in which case …

Get ready to defend yourself.

Can you see all of the combinations and ways you could practice variations on these scenarios? Each type of response could be explored with a different exercise.

— Keith


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