3D Martial Arts In The Future

I thought that 3D technology had arrived, and I was thinking, “This is going to be great for martial-arts action movies!”

Well, I was wrong … so far. Still, maybe, after some creative film director sees this post, the concept of pop-out-of-the-screen martial-arts action will be in our near future.

Here’s what I am talking about ..

Beware The Man-Eating Fish

My family’s first foray into the “modern” 3D movie began with Journey to The Center of The Earth. It was a whole lot better than the red-blue glasses of yester-year.

When the jaw-crunching fish jumped “all the way off the screen” at me, I was absolutely amazed.

So, we started going to the movies more often. DVDs at home just didn’t cut it any more.

Not Even Avatar

We soon learned that some movies had a 3D effect slapped on after the actual filming. Movies like Clash of The Titans were dogs, because of the lousy effects. (Otherwise, I am a Liam Neeson fan.)

So, we stuck to the movies that were touted as being “made for.” Avatar was an utterly cool movie; I can’t wait until 2014 for the next. BUT … I didn’t get the “pop-out” effect that so amazed me. Not even Avatar could pull it off.

Note: My family did notice that these films, from Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean are having luck at sending little bits of paper, ash, or snow, out into the audience. Even the pods from The Tree in Avatar floated “out of the screen.”

Disneyland and Universal Studios 4D Effects

OK, Shrek in 4D was great … shaking the seats, bursts of air at our ankles, mist in our face. And the 3D was better than at home, too.

And then we saw Honey I Shrunk The Audience at Disneyland. And all I can say is WOW. And that WOW translates into martial-arts possibilities. Was this the iMax® difference? Was RealD© inferior, somehow?

These effects were in your face. At one point, Rick Moranis floated in his two-inch machine to within inches of my nose. What’s even better, I looked four seats over to my 80+ year-old father, and he was reaching in front of his nose to touch the same machine.

Ooh, the possibilities. These crafty moviemakers have the ability to put an object right up to the nose of each and every theater-audience member. It looks the same for all of us, and the object from the movie, in our visual brain, is all the way off the screen and in the row just in front of me, or touching my face, or whizzing past my head.

Again, I say wowzie-kazowsie!

3D Martial Arts Movies of the Future

Imagine a punch or two during a fight coming right at you, or a knife whirling by your head. We could be in the fight with the character, and occasionally would have to dodge the same punches and kicks that our hero. We would be right there with him or her.

Imagine the fancy knife fights possible, if the movie-effects master could put a blade within an inch of your nose, and just let it sit there for a second.

BTW — The knife fighting that I teach is nowhere near as fancy looking as what you see in the movies, but it’s a hundred times more efficient. In fact, with only short, efficient motions that interrupt the other person’s path, it looks downright boring. If you’re interested this knife-fighting offer is going to get broken up and sold separately.
Take a look, and click on the order button, to see The Deluxe, all-in-one knife fighting offer.

Ooh, and one more thought along those lines … what if your on-screen hero saw things like in a Matrix movie, where the action was moving in slow motion. The bullets could be controlled and stopped right in front of the face of each person in the theater.

Imagine that.

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