Skate Park Self-Defense and Awareness

Skate Park Self-Defense and Awareness

Welcome back to “practical self-defense.”

Today, I’d like to talk about “skate parks.”

I live in the Pacific Northwest, and the weather is getting better. Everyone is out and about.

And even though in Oregon, we don’t know when it’s going to rain … yes, even in the summer, we’re still out there walking, riding our bikes, and skateboarding. Longboarding, too.

skateboard-parkIt just so happens that Eugene, Oregon is the home of the largest covered skate park in the country. No kidding.

It’s a great place … and it just so happens that I’m the proud father of a daughter who owns

She uses the site as a venue for her photography. Even though she’s a long boarder, she loves to photograph action shots of skateboarders.
And I think she’s got talent.

Don’t worry, I’m about to talk self-defense.

But first, take a look at her website or check our her new Facebook page:

(And click a “like” button or two, if you’re so inclined.)

Now, let’s talk about the dangers of skate parks.
Here are some of my quick observations:

1) It’s all about awareness. And I have noticed that not very many people down there are “aware” of the other groups. The skaters don’t notice the picnickers; the picnickers aren’t aware of the bicyclists, and nobody is aware of the homeless …

2) Even though it’s a nice, clean park, it is still “under the bridge.” And it has its share of mendicants, druggies, and wanderers. Plus, there are people there … just looking for their definition of “opportunity.”

3) Some people are too trusting: In general, the skaters are a nice group that encourage the youngsters to get out there and improve their skills, but there are some bully types around, too. Beware.

4) At night, there are some “interesting” hiding places. Even if you want to skate, unless you’re part of a group, I’m not sure, I’d risk it.

Advice for Skate Park Goers …

a) Go to the park with a friend, and make sure the friend has a large dog.

b) Practice your skating when lots of people are taking advantage of the sun … or covered park in the rain.

c) Carry a small weapon that you can get to quickly.

d) Know how to use said small weapon. You don’t want an enemy to disarm you and use the weapon against you.

e) Learn practical self-defense. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow.

And speaking of own shadow … next time, let’s talk about the difference between confident postures and stances that just scream “victim.”

And don’t forget to check out my kid’s website:

Have a safe week in the park,

Keith (Pascal)


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