Multiple Attacker Game Plan

4. Their [multiple attacker] game plan is completely independent of yours unless you manage to obtain an immobilizing/neutralizing hold or [execute a] technique on them.

— Z


I don’t really worry about their game plan. I prefer to think of multiple attackers as a series of mini situations that I’m responding to.

For example, I want to respond with a low, fast kick to any shin or knee that comes into range. I also know that you’ll have a better chance of scoring that kick, if you throw it out there while NOT looking directly at the target.

I also know that I’ll have to deal with punches coming in. If in the exchange of moves up top, I can get control of a limb, then I have a much better chance of creating a human shield (mentioned in MAM).

I also add in what I know about timing, distance, fakes, etc.

It all makes up a complete package to help me toward that original goal of not getting overwhelmed.

And yes, I’m aware that they may actually have a game plan … like getting me to the ground.

I have to trust that my tactics will help me to avoid that.¬† And if not, then … it means that I have to keep training and practicing.