Martial Arts No Ego

5. That aside, sometimes I do wish you were in Australia as I’d love to take you to training to show you the BJJ/standup side of things.  This is not based on any ill intent, I genuinely believe that you’d enjoy the eye opening experience.  Similarly, I’m sure it would be an eye opening experience for me to see your concepts explained and demonstrated first hand.

— Z

I’m sure I’d enjoy myself. I love sharing martial arts with people. And I have to wonder if Australian BJJ is quite a bit different from other factions of BJJ.

Not only have I played with, coached, and learned from BJJ practitioners over the years, but from people into related arts, like: Jiu Jitsu, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, Aiki-Jutsu, Aikido, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo, Sistema, Kali, and more.

I worked out with a BJJ guy for a summer about five years ago. We had a great time.

And don’t worry about me being a mean guy; I’m not.

Note: I know that JKD guys, in general, have a reputation of being filled with a “know-it-all” type of ego. I hope I don’t fall into that category.

Recently, I attended a summer retreat with my teacher and peers. This private summer camp started 15 years ago.

Each year, we invite people from other styles for the purposes of sharing … both directions. 99% of them have commented how much they like the atmosphere … all egos are checked at the door.

We really do foster … helping … teaching … learning.

I can only think of one too-full-of-himself dude. Uh … he never returned to the camp. (As I said, we prefer sharing.)

I know that I’d have a great time in Australia … or so my senior student tells me. He had a blast there and in New Zealand.