Martial Arts Mastery and James Bond

Martial Arts Mastery … 700 Issues and Still Going …

Post by John Burrow


Hi Keith,

First of all a huge congratulations for making it to your 700th issue.
That’s a great achievement and you should be deservedly proud, especially considering the consistency and quality of the output.
Anyone could probably fire off 100 issues of general bland nonsense with no real content however you have managed much more than that and at a higher level.
I know over the past few years you have wondered whether to keep writing, and have been through some family losses in recent times, but I’m sure I speak for many of your readers when I say thanks for sticking with it.
I’ve been trying to remember when i started reading MAM and want to say that it was maybe just around or just before the 100 issues mark but cant be certain.
All I do know is I have enjoyed reading your posts, found them informative and quite thought provoking in terms of “what would I do in that situation” and ┬áhave found myself being more aware my environment and the people around perhaps than before, which can only be a good thing.
I liked the Bond ebook, as you say it was a fun look at a few of his characteristics and short comings.
Like you I’m a bond fan and do enjoy seeing him scrape though his adventures. As a kid from the 70’s i used to enjoy going to the cinema to see Roger Moore with his quips and raised eye brows. Now however the more mature me prefers the slightly more gritty realism (if you can say that about Bond) of the Daniel Craig era, especially Casino Royale.
I do think the arrival of Jason Bourne forced the style to change or rick becoming very outdated and a parody much like the Roger Moore bonds of old.
Anyway, just wanted to say well done again on the milestone and keep up the good work.
Best regards to you and yours.
Your avid reader from across the pond,