Getting Rid of Punch Hesitation

Getting Rid of Punch Hesitation

In the middle of the fight, suddenly, you’re left hand has ahold of your opponent’s left wrist. This is the perfect opportunity to punch.

In this first illustration, you see that the left arm is below your right arm. With both your and your enemy’s arm positions, it makes sense to snap your backfist punch to someone on his face or throat. Agreed?


But what if your opponent had swung high? What if his target had been your head?

In this case, you’d have to check high. Suddenly, your right fist is below “where the action is.”

Now, it makes sense to shoot a lower shot, right?



You should practice both these situations. Have a practice partner of about the same height vary his or her shots toward you. Some should come in high and others lower. You practice taking the initial shot, AS you respond with one of two back fist or back hammer punches. Learn to “react” rather than “respond.” And have that response be to snap your hit toward the spot that’s beginning to open.

Looking for more variation in your practice session?

Practice against partners of differing heights. The very size of your opponent could dictate your target. (See below)