Recently, I made a little video on in-close fighting. It had a few training tips, including one that I didn’t recommend: tying your wrist to one of your opponent’s wrists.

I don’t favor the idea, because students have a tendency to stretch out as far away from their opponent as possible. This doesn’t create a good habit. Rather than fighting in an efficient manner, they train each other to try to stay out of reach of the free punching arm. So, not a great idea.

This makes sense, right?

Well, Ed Camarota had the following suggestion. It definitely has possibilities:


When I was training, we used to tie our belts together (face to face)….to prevent the “Out of range” maneuver, and to build up the short punch.

Students couldn’t “full” swing like they were used to, and had to develop a new technique.

Just throwing in my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ed Cammarota

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