Order Wrist Locks (Revised): Special Offers

1. Wrist Locks (2 bonuses at the end of the book) + 3 online bonuses ($37.95 + $25):

Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert

$37.95 + $25 postage

2. Wrist Locks (soft cover) + Control Your Fear (soft cover) + 6 ebonuses (ordered separately $118 with international shipping, special $75 !!!)

wrist locks + control your fear (soft cover)

$52 (postpaid)

3. The Printed Library — Very Special Offer:

  • Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert (reg. $37.95 + $25 postage)
  • Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists (reg. $19.95 + $25 postage)
  • Tiptoeing to Tranquility: The Parable for Finding Comfort and Safety in Dangerous Times (reg. $12.95 + $25 postage)
  • Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder (Super Speed) (reg. $29.95 + $25 postage)

Plus, all copies will be either signed (for investors) … or autographed to you (for your collection). Your choice!

And don’t forget, each printed book comes with special online ebonuses. That’s a lot of fun and useful reading.

If you purchased the above separately, you’d have to spend more than $200.00. Well worth the investment and all come with iron-clad, no-hassle, money-back guarantees, but …

For a limited time, get the above four books and all of the ebonuses sent to you for $100.00

Don’t forget to give autographing instructions:

 $100 (postpaid)(Click here for orders within the United States)

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