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Wrist Locks Really Work and ARE Effective, If …

You have seen wrist locks before … maybe in the movies, on a tv show, or in your own martial-arts classes. Maybe you even know a lock or two.
I don’t need to convince you that whether you are sparring in a dojo, socializing in bar or restaurant, or relaxing at your favorite spot, wrist locks could come in handy … if you really know how to make them work.

In fact, this type of control may save you … if you know “practical-application” wrist locks. No in-class theories that don’t work in the real world. You need practical, efficient joint controls.

[content_box_yellow width=”75%”]Wrist locks really work and are very effective, if you know when and how to use them. They have to become part of your martial-arts arsenal … more than just a bag of tricks.[/content_box_yellow]

Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert


“Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert — Completely Revised and Updated”

Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert is still the most popular book on Wrist Locks.

And now, it has been completely revised and updated. And I do mean completely.

If you liked the locks before, you are going to love them now. There are even more locks than before, more principles, more tips AND …

the line drawings have been replaced with photo sequences!


Before I tell you exactly, what’s in “Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert,” read what others said about the first edition:


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… has become one of the most important books in my martial arts library”

Keith Pascal’s Book is Great!

‘Kip’ Pascal has produced an outstanding book, “Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert!”

This book will answer more questions about wrist locks, than you even knew existed, and more then that, it will lead you to ask even further questions in your quest to become an expert in applying this fantastic segment of the martial arts!

I was very impressed with Mr. Pascal’s ‘way’ of writing, and you will love his sense of humor, and of course the clear, and precise drawings help even the beginner get a quick grasp on the finer points of applying the locks.

The book has become one of the most important books in my martial arts library, and I continue to use it as a reference. I highly encourage you to order this book — you owe to yourself!

BIG Sean Madigan, JKD Instructor and author/moderator of one of the most informative Bruce Lee sites on the Net


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[headline_arial_medium_left color=”#000000″]Easy and enjoyable to read, the author’s enthusiasm is infectious.“[/headline_arial_medium_left]

“As soon as I had read this book, I started noticing countless situations in my training where a lock could be applied.

If you have never experimented with wrist locks you should definitely get this book. If you know some locks but don’t use them, this book will inspire you to practice them and make them work.

Easy and enjoyable to read, the author’s enthusiasm is infectious. You get some good moves and tips, plus plenty of ideas to think about and figure out for yourself.

You will definitely not be disappointed by this book.

Most impressive of all, the author invites you to e-mail him with any questions or comments, and actually replies every time! This gives you the feeling he is genuinely interested in helping you with your martial art, and not just trying to make money from you.”

Keith Wallace: Martial Artist, JKD Student, Software Developer – England, UK



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“This book is a winner.”

“I ordered [Wrist Locks] …and was amazed at the range of practical techniques, and Keith’s informative writing style. Have exchanged correspondence with the author, and have found him to be most helpful.

I would highly recommend “Wrist Locks” to anyone who is in to self improvement, whether experienced in the martial arts or not. This book is a winner, and will be in my library for years to come..well done.”

Steve Johnson: magazine manager, green belt in judo (Canada)


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“… you will learn solid techniques, and develop the ability to create more.”

“In his book, Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert, Keith Pascal offers an analysis and detailed, step-by-step explanations of the hows and whys of wrist locks.

He clearly defines multiple reference points, and the interconnection of different, active locking techniques.

Keith Pascal presents the information in a light, easy manner, which is at the same time relevant, and timely.

Wrist Locks: will develop your maximum physical dexterity and proficiency in as short a time as possible. Along the way, you will learn solid techniques, and develop the ability to create more.

Pascal is a true reference who has opened the world of joint-locking concepts … to the world. You will think, you will learn, you will grow!”

    M Grube: Martial Consultant (Hawaii)



Imagine Using “Wrist Locks” As Your Guide

You get more than just a few locks and controls — you can find those in any video or book on ju jitsu, aikido, or even chin na. In Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert, you’ll discover ways to instantly counter and reverse any lock from the styles mentioned.

Get it?

This book’s biggest benefit is that it teaches you what to do to in response to a lock being snapped on you.

Let’s say someone is triying to lock you; you easily flow into an effective counter or reversal. Now, your opponent is under your control.


“Who Is Keith Pascal?”

Keith Pascal photo

I am a martial artist. I started at age six. You could say that I spent the first 20 years of my life exploring three different styles of martial arts, and the next 30 (plus) years pursuing a more efficient way of self-defense.

I have spent this time adhering to the philosophy of Bruce Lee. No wonder: my teacher was one of the original Bruce Lee students.

I started teaching martial arts in 1982, and began teaching high school in 1988. I taught in Oregon high schools for twelve years. In 2000, I became a full-time martial arts author.


In “Wrist Locks,” You Get:

A great nose control to take an attacker to the ground almost instantly and effortlessly. It even works on resisters.

 The three steps to becoming a wrist lock inventor

 Seven specific recommendations for going beyond others to become a real expert

 Eight tips for for when NOT to use wrist locks (ignoring these tips guarantees that you’ll lose)

 Techniques for getting better faster — without these, learning can be slow and tedious

 When to strike, instead of locking

 Arm bars and their reversals — the arm-bar reversals are worth the price of the book

 More than six wrist-lock reversals and counters

 Nine pattern tips to speed you on your way to expert status


Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert Really Is Unique. You Also Learn:

 Follow up techniques that will leave others in awe.

 A single move that will make you look like an Aikido master.

 How to check for other attacks while locking.

In addition, you’ll get a couple of moves that are so impressive, they’re suitable for demonstrations.

You’ll even get a great technique for memorizing long sequences of material like wrist lock patterns and complicated moves. You can apply this super memory technique to other areas of your life.

You’ll Also Find:

 A great counter to one of the most controlling wrist locks ever

 Ways to handle big, strong attackers

 How to deal with pickpockets

 The danger zones of wrist locks

 Two terrific wrist lock patterns that teach you great combinations

 How to always react with the best lock possible

All about Chicken Wings, Kickstarts, Revs, Pressure points, and so much more!


423 Photographs!

This updated edition is easy to follow. You get 423 easy-to-understand photos — this is a BIG Improvement over the first edition of Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert.Wrist Locks is loaded with great principles and techniques. You get 15 chapters, over 290 pages, loaded with information that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Take a look at the table of contents for Wrist Locks:

1. Practice for Fast Improvement and Great Results

2. What’s in a Name? (making sense of all the styles that incorporate wrist locks)

3. Getting Out of Unfamiliar Locks by Feeling Where to Go

4. A Dozen Super Techniques to Promote Thought

5. Expert Responses When Someone Grabs You

6. Patterns: The Secret of Learning to Flow

7. Generalizing to Different People and Situations

8. Always React with the Best Lock Possible

9. Mastering Counters and Reversals

10. Using Pressure Points to Enhance Your Locks

11. How to Experiment and Invent Your Own

12. When to and When Not to Use Wrist Locks

13. Learning by Teaching (the best way to improve…)

14. Going Beyond Others to Become a Real Expert

15. You’ll Know You’re an Expert When….

Bonus One

Bonus Two

Resources (honest recommendations … for my other books 🙂

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Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

.money-back guarantee


Did you know I have never had Wrist Locks (Revised) returned … for any reason. Still, I pride myself on my reputation. If for any reason Wrist Locks: From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert isn’t for you, simply send it back to me, and I’ll give you …

a prompt and courteous refund. Period. And the ebonuses are yours to keep, as a thank you for trying Wrist Locks.



With all the risk gone, if you decide not to take advantage of this special offer, then you don’t really want to master wrist locks, joint locks, arm bars, and controls.I hope you decide to do what it takes to raise your level of martial skill.




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5 Unorthodox Wrist Locks Tips

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Revised and Updated — The Best of Martial Arts Mastery, Volume 1 — I’ve included this pdf ebooklet, because there are several articles that will relate directly to your wrist locking techniques … especially if you are a grappler, or if someone tries to take you to the ground. (Completely revised and updated, too.)

 Unadvertised Bonus — This one is a special treat, and it’s brand new. Not only that, but it dovetails beautifully with the information found in Wrist Locks :From Protecting Yourself to Becoming an Expert.

Order now, and I’ll send a couple of more valuable ebonuses. This is a limited-time offer. And remember, you get a one-year, money-back guarantee.


“Wrist Locks,” Now Available in Soft Cover:

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