knockdown punches

Knockdown Punches


Each 10 Minutes of Punch Practice Will Produce Punch-Power Results

This is a little-known exercise that will produce noticeable results. Each 10 minutes of practice makes a difference.
Imagine what 30 minutes of practice will do!

knockdown punches ebook
Believe it or not, it’s not really the exercise that will make a difference in your punches.
After all, I am going to have practice your punches by … punching.
It’s HOW you practice punching that will improve your knockdown power.
How you punch in an actual fight matters, too. After all, if your punch doesn’t reach the target, then a knockdown-power-punch won’t make much of a difference. You have to be able to reach your enemy with your punch.

To help in that department, I have included a copy of The Tale of One-Armed Albert. “Al” is another one of those “guaranteed-results ebooks.” After reading One-Armed Al, your punches will melt through your enemy’s defenses like a hot knife into butter.
Enough said.
Are you ready to spend $15 on a guaranteed way to develop knockdown punches?


.money-back guarantee


I am a very ethical and honest martial arts writer.
I want my customers to be happy — to get an edge in the martial arts by reading my books and ebooks.

So, if this book doesn’t help you to punch harder (develop knockdown punches), then I don’t want your money. I offer a complete money-back guarantee.
You’ll see results within your first 30 minutes of training.
And even if you ask for a refund … the ebooks are yours to keep, as a “thank you” gift from me!


Okay? So you really can’t lose! The ebooks are yours no matter what.

That’s about the best guarantee that I know of.

If you own the Punch eCourse, then you don’t need this ebook. The principle is covered in The Volume on Devastating Punches. On the other hand, if you don’t have The Home Study Punch eCourse, then the only way to get this exercise and this deal is with:

  • Knockdown Punches
  • The Tale of One-Armed Albert
  • Little Brother Meets the Master (surprise)

Are you ready to give me 1/2 hour to prove to you that you can indeed develop punches that can drop an attacker?

Are power punches important to you?


Wishing you great success.


…………Keith Pascal

P.S. I may have an extra “practical” ebonus or two for you in this limited-time offer.

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