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Here’s a Summary of Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists

In Part One: The Fear of Freezing, you get methods for fear elimination including some quick fixes to the following:

Overcome the initial fear when faced with a threat .

React in a self-defense situation without freezing

Super Practice for those too afraid to move or talk when someone starts hassling them. If you can never think of what to do or say, I have some practical ideas to help.

Should you attack first or wait for your opponent to attack? Here’s how to make the right decision in the beginning of a fight.

Suggestions for calling up your best techniques each and every time you need them.

Beginners — Lose the fear of defending yourself.

All of the above methods and answers to those questions deal with the initial fear that you feel and the goal of reacting with your best while not freezing.

“A few weeks ago, some kids wanted my cell phone. I was afraid to fight, so I ran.

I wrote to Mr. Pascal, because after that incident, I was paranoid about walking home.

His suggestions helped immediately. I can’t wait to read his ebook, when it’s ready.”

Patrick P., martial arts student

Conquer The Fear of Getting Hurt

In Part Two, you’ll learn to overcome your “Fear of Getting Hurt in a Fight.”

Here are some of the questions sent to me:

Mine is more of a problem than a question. I freeze in my rough neighborhood, because of my fear of death. What if this is real? What if it’s serious?

I am afraid that if I get hit, I won’t be able to continue. Can you help?

I have a fear of being seriously hurt or killed, if I have to fight. Can you help me overcome this?

My challenge is that I have both a fear of being hurt and of hurting others.

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Efficient (and sometimes Instant) Ways to Understand, and Reduce, Your Fear

In Part Three: Your Personal Fear Trigger, Biofeedback, and The Return of The Secret Technique, you’ll cover the following topics:

Nobody wants to be frozen in fear – what you can do about it.

The Anatomy of Fear: Knowledge Is Power — by understanding how your fear works, you’ll immediately be able to take better steps to control it.

So, what’s happening when you feel fear? I have some band-aid tips that you can use 5 seconds from now, to reduce your fear A LOT.

Your Personal Fear Trigger — This is why this ebook is better than the others. You get “customization.” And isn’t the pursuit of martial arts a journey of self discovery?

The Ultimate Biofeedback Bandage. Read it — you’ll see how effective it is.

Resource: How Developed Is Your Link Between Mind and Body?

Biofeedback for Hands, Fear, and Beyond — These recommendations are just a bit scientific — but don’t worry, I’ll make it easy to understand.

Let’s Really Eliminate Your Fear — I mean ELIMINATE it.

The Return of The Son of … The Secret Technique. Shh — it’s a secret.

I Study The “Right” Style, How About You?

Bonus: If Your Don’t Want to Show Fear — I have a super valuable piece of advice.

PartFour Is Short and Sweet….

Discover My Personal Method for Conquering Fear in a Fight

This is what works for me personally. This could just be the perfect strategy for you too.

I don’t mind sharing.

You alre going to love Part Five. I think it’s what you really want to cultivate in yourself….

Part Five: Ultra Confidence — Inner Calm: For Martial Artists

You get four methods for developing the calm confidence of a true martial arts master.

I know that at least one of the four methods in this section will work for you. I am positive. It’s up to you to discover which will be the most effective for you personally.

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Part Six: Overcoming Fear of Weapons Training and Fighting

Here are the weapons topics covered in this section:

1. Fear of getting hit — Plus an Extra lesson AND a Lesson within the Extra Lesson

2. How To Overcome The Fear of Getting Cut

3. Solo weapons training … The Interim Step, A Knife Story — Blood Included, and … Your Knife-Fighting Lesson for the Day

4. Fear of Being Attacked By Someone with a Weapon — Specific training advice — needed by every martial artist.

5. Fear of guns

6. Confidence With Impromptu Weapons — Let’s get creative. There are so many weapons around you. I am going to make you confident … so confident, that a lot of your fears will vanish.

7. Fear of Losing Your Weapon — 7 steps so you are never struck by this fear again …. ever!

Part 7: Making Your Own Fear Blaster

And finally, in Part Seven, we’ll bring it all together.

The sections of the ebook cover a lot of wonderful methods for eliminating your fear and gaining martial confidence. But you need some advice on how to choose the right method(s) for you.

That’s what Part Seven is all about.

You get Eight Steps to Creating Your Own Fear Blaster.

This entire ebook will work for you, because this section will help you combine the elements into a workable plan.

Order Now and Get 2 Fear eBonuses …

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Bonus #1: The Fear Blaster Workbook (45 pgs)

Pick one specific martial fear that you have.

Then start plugging in the answers to the workbook. In no time at all, you’ll have a specific plan, that will work, for complete eliminating your specific fear.

This is a powerful technique. The workbook incorporates methods found in the main ebook, and offers unique advice of its own.

Hands on is the real way to eliminate your fear. Don’t just read solutions … take immediate steps to build the inner calm of a martial-arts master, now.

This is the perfect companion to Control Your Fear.

The Fear Blaster Workbook normally sells for $19.95 (cheap for a workbook) — but it’s FREE with the next 100 orders.

Get yours now, before the offer goes away.

Bonus #2: Fear In a Box (15 pgs)

In a fight, you have to have a laser-focused mind….

In some cases, it will mean the difference between survival and getting your _ss kicked — or worse.

Face it; fear clouds the brain.

It becomes impossible to concentrate on anything, let alone the best techniques to employ. And for some “vicitims,” automatic reactions won’t be enough. It’s sad, but true.

Fear in a Box will give you a great method for focusing your concentration, and it’s much easier to perfect than the candle technique in Control Your Fear.

Fear in a Box (15 pages) is your gift, when you order Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists.

Try Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists with no risk to you.If for any reason you feel that this ebook is not right for you, for any reason, we’ll give you a prompt refund.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

With all the risk gone, if you decide not to take advantage of this special offer, then you don’t really want to control your fear once and for all.I hope you decide to do what it takes to raise your level of martial confidence and competence.


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Seriously — what’s the price of developing the inner calm of a martial-arts master?

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I need to get your attention. I want to help you — that’s why I became a full-time writer in 2000.

I know what having that fear is like (I can still remember). And because of that, I really want to help you. Even though I charge a lot for private lessons, and even though I spent years and thousands of dollars gathering the info in this ebook, I want you to be able to afford Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists …

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For less than the price of a fancy dinner for two, you can end your martial fears, and develop the inner calm of a master.

I wish you every martial success,

Keith Pascal

(Keith Pascal has been teaching martial arts since 1982 and writing martial arts books since 1999.)

PS Remember, for only $37 $27 , you get Control Your Fear (115 pages), The Fear Blaster Workbook (45 pgs), and Fear in a Box (15 pgs). The bonuses are limited to the next 100 orders only.

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