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Hi, Keith Pascal here.

This may sound weird, but if you don’t know who I am and have no reason to trust my martial-arts advice, then you should click away from this page. There will be other offers — chances for you to learn what kind of martial lessons I “bring to the table.”

Are you still reading? You haven’t click away, yet?

Get ready …

Only 50 People Will Be Allowed In … and The Doors Close On January 15th, 2011

Not only that, but up to 25 past customers will be allowed in for FREE!

In Fact, the 50 who are accepted will help me forge new territory in punch improvement as they preview videos, pdf ebooks, workbooks, email additions, audio files, and even personal coaching through emails.

No kidding.

A Little Punch-eBook Background — Which Do You Own?

Before I tell you about exactly what you might be able to get in on, I’d like to give you a little background:

It all started with some requests for help with martial artists punches, almost ten years ago. I started with a few articles and some individual emails. (Who knows, maybe I was being tested ;-))

Eventually, I had enough articles to collect into an ebook, all about punching harder and faster. Soon, the ebook expanded — still no photos, just articles, but now there were 52 of them. This ebook was very popular for about five years.

Then the requests came in for more complete instructions. Martial artists wanted to know what I had to say about defensive punching, punching tactics, and how to integrate better punching into their martial-arts strategies.

So, I ripped apart the ebook, threw out almost half of the articles, rewrote everything, added almost forty new chapters, and separated them into punch lessons, complete with photographs (this time).

These 62 lessons were divided into 5 volumes, including my little-known methods of developing devastatingly powerful punches, punches with ramped-up speed like never before, and basically making every hit you make much more effective.

That Punch eCourse has been available since 2009. And it will continue to be available for a little while longer in its 5 Volume (plus bonuses) format.

Now, it’s time to take the course to the next level….

Would You Like to Be a Guinea Pig And Help Mold The New Course?

Here’s what I have planned for 50 people:

On January 15th, we’ll all start together.
You and I (and 49 other participants) will start with the first Volume of the Punch eCourse. Specifically, we’ll spend the first week on the first 5 lessons of that volume. At the end of the first week, I’ll email you a quick questionnaire — only answer the questions that you are comfortable sharing with me.

Then, based on the response of those surveys, I’ll make a quick whiteboard lesson, a small punching video, a help ebooklet, an audio file, or whatever else is necessary to make sure you are getting all out of the lessons that you should. I really want you to improve, whether you are a beginner or have been into martial arts for your whole life.
I’m serious about this.
You have to improve, no matter what your previous punching level.
Anyway, while I am making the new ancillary materials, I’ll send you a punch ebonus for that week. And then towards the end of the week, you’ll get the new material.
In the third week, we’ll repeat the process with the next five lessons, a questionnaire, new materials, etc., but this time, I’ll ask you about the pacing … are we going to slow, to fast, or have we hit the perfect pace.

We’ll repeat this pattern of pdf lessons with extra help from videos, audios, cartoons, workbooks, questionnaires … and INDIVIDUAL HELP! (I’ll help with a few emails specifically to you, if you have questions.) And 62 lessons later, you will be amazed at your punch improvement.

Your Last Task In The Course

I really do need your help to turn this into an even more power-packed ecourse than the original. And I plan to raise the price … way up there.

In fact, one of your last tasks in the ecourse is to help me choose the new price for what will become a Platinum-Level Punch eCourse.

If the 50 of you vote for me to test the price at $500, so be it. If you prefer $1000, that’s OK, too. By the way, most of the business courses that are pitched at me go for between $2000 and $5000 a class.
So, if you feel that $1997.00 is the perfect price, so be it.

You still get in for the original price … or FREE.

Is This 50 Limit Just an Advertising Ploy?

A common way to get people to buy something is to put a limit on the number of items available. You’ve seen this practice, haven’t you?

Anyway, I always get suspicious when someone puts a limit on an download. After all, it’s not like a printed book or pressed DVD where the stock really is limited. With a download, customers could hit the buy button all day long, and the downloads will never run out.

Don’t you agree?

So, why is there a limit of 50 participants in this course?

Well, since I have to personally answer each and every email as part of the exclusive offer, I know it’s going to take a lot of my time. And not to brag, but since I already manage over 40,000 subscribers to my various lists, and have a writing schedule for books that are printed, my time is at a premium.

Can you imagine how busy you’d be, if you had to explain some complete punch process in an email several times a week. Now, what if you had 50 people sending you requests for additional help?

And that’s why there is a limit. (Although if someone quits the program, I suppose that would open another slot … but then the new participant would have to “catch up.”)

How Will The 50 Be Chosen?

Well, if you already own the Punch eCourse, you have a chance to join in for FREE. Or if you are willing to recruit others to buy into this new course. Click Here, to learn about these options.

Probably the easiest way to secure your spot is buy clicking on one of the “buy now” buttons below. I’ll remove those buy buttons as soon as we get our 50 martial artists.

How Can You Get Started?

The Doors Are Open …

Buy in now for $100

Warning, don’t use buttons on other pages. Only these two will get you entered into the special PLATINUM Punch eCourse that begins on January 15th.

$100 (nothing more to pay) — Download The Regular Course Now,

but we begin together on January 15th

Installment Plan (5 Payments)

5 Monthly Payments of $25 —

    Download Volume ONE now, and get one course per month.

    (Official course starts on January 15th)

Be sure to mention the person who referred you, so they get a chance to participate, too.

Also, you can quit at any time with the monthly option, but you won’t see more volumes or the bonuses at the end. By the way, in the whole history of the regular Punch eCourse, only 2 people ever opted out of the course early … and one of the two rejoined when funds were available.

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