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Looking for a great deal on martial-arts books and ebooks?
The following hidden gems are new, completely affordable deals.
Take advantage of these limited offers:


3 for $10

Actually, it’s more like “5” for $10. These are shorter ebooks, but if you are a bargain hunter who wants to improve your martial-arts skill …

The New Speed-e-Book — Quick tips for developing a faster reaction-response, making your kicks speedier, plus. (31 pages) The Circle & Gauntlet — Excellent martial-arts drills when you have training partners. (14 pages) The New Taking On A Boxer — While there are no guarantees against a seasoned boxer, I think these suggestions will give you a better chance of success. (33 pages)


knockdown punches ebookKnockdown Punches

Some people don’t need an entire Punch Course for $100. They just want to add knockdown power to their punches. If the exercises and drills that you have practiced haven’t produced the results that you want (knockdown, teeth-rattling power), then maybe you need this simple ebooklet.

It’s not the exercise, but the way you perform it.

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100 Useful Martial-Arts Articles100 practical martial arts articles

95 favorite, practical martial-arts articles, from four internet sources, with 5 brand new articles added. All by Keith Pascal. If the archives on this site aren’t enough, try these useful tips.

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Pascal’s Pick

This offer changes. Right now, you get to play the nice guy, help both martial artists and non martial artists in your life, and get a free copy for yourself. Now is your chance to help keep those you care about safer.

Take a Look at Pascal’s Pick

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