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Punch eBooks, from Bargains to a Complete Course. Take a look:

knockdown punches ebookBargain eBook: Knockdown Punches
98% of the martial artists practicing this type of exercise do it incorrectly. Eventually, they do increase their power, but not by leaps and bounds … and no appreciable results with every 20 minutes of practice.

This little ebook will pack so much power into your punches, that you’ll feel as though you could punch though someone built like a refrigerator. No kidding.

Included is an ebonus that will help you blast through blocking arms like a hot knife melting through butter.

The main ebook is short; it’s sweet; and it’s definitely what you need to improve your punch power at a faster rate. Now only $9. Add to Cart Read More …

How to End the Fight with One HitBest Buy: How to End the Fight with One Hit

Isn’t this what it’s all about? Is this your ultimate goal?
No fuss, no muss … just BAM, and the fight is over.

Internet advice is just too basic. If kicking at someone’s groin brought an attack to a standstill every time, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? (Sure, sometimes it works, but it’s just too easy to cover the vulnerable area when you “see” the kick coming.)

You need the strategies to win a fight with a minimum amount of effort.

Together, we’ll explore the methods that really work, little-known knockout techniques, and the outcome that you really want when someone attacks you. In the end, I’ll share my personal philosophy about getting into a fight, and the lengths that I will go to, in order to avoid the conflict.

eBook with 4 eBonuses, only $27. Order End the Fight Read More …

The Complete Punch eCourse
Are you really ready to learn? Does the idea of gaining better punches and ways to get in on your aggressor appeal to you? Are you willing to follow 60+ lessons on how to make your punches faster, harder, and a lot more effective?

You get FIVE volumes of eBooks, several important ebonuses, and extra email help and suggestions.
You’ll start with punch fundamentals (they help both beginners and black-belts). Then you’ll develop super punch speed with the next set of lessons.

The third volume will help you develop incredible punch power (and yes, the exercise from Knockdown punches is included … different words, same drills). I have a unique way of teaching incorporating some speed exercises to help with your power. Interested?

The fourth and fifth volumes of The Punch eCourse are all about defensive punching and punch strategies. I want to guarantee that you get your punches in on your opponent. You have to be able to hit the target.

5 Volumes, eBonuses, and eMail extras, $97. (Also available in monthly installments.)

























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You can also break your payment into 5 installments of $22 each.

Receive one Punch Volume per month — stop at any time.