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Fighting Avatars: Self-Defense Against Tall …

If Avatars don’t really exist, and Pandora is just a figment of many creative people’s imaginations (or a great Greek myth), then why should we consider it for practical fighting?

Actually, I am practical enough to know that you’ll “probably” never fight a blue Na’vi or other creature, that is over 10 feet tall.

Self-Defense Against Tall People

Recently, subscribers to Martial Arts Mastery and a couple of my other newsletters have asked about defending themselves against foes who are considerably taller and bigger. When they tell me their tactics and strategies, I understand completely why they are having such a hard time of it.

It’s almost like a small child trying to fight an adult … or a human attempting to defend against an 11-foot tall Na’vi from Pandora.

Imagine trying to eye jab a blue beanpole — you can’t get past those long arms and legs, let alone reach the eyes. And it might be next to impossible to try to outmuscle someone who swings through the trees with such endurance and strength.

So why try?

Creating Practical Martial Arts Methods

If you can’t reach those yellow, feline eyes, then stop trying … or change the conditions so that the eyes come much closer to you.

Look, if I locked you in a room and said that I wouldn’t let you out until you brainstormed 3 – 10 moves or sequences of moves that would work on someone who towered over you, you could do it.  And you wouldn’t suggest fighting the way you’d fight someone your own height, right?


If you are having problems fighting opponents who are taller than you, then I suggest you start envisioning fight sequences against a Na’vi or … a very very tall basketball player. If the eyes seem a little out of reach, then devise practices where they are WAY out of reach.

Make it even harder on yourself by imagining someone 10 feet tall. It will force you to shift your thinking. You’ll drop some techniques and tactics immediately. Others will have to be modified.

So, does this start a discussion?


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