donald trump the worst martial artist

by Keith Pascal

Don’t worry, we won’t really be talking about the particulars of Donald Trump. Nor will we really talk about President Obama. And finally, a political discussion about the next run for U.S. President doesn’t belong on a martial arts, self-defense blog.

Why should you read this particular post?

It has to do with Bruce-Lee’s Five Ways of Attack. By reading this article, maybe you can avoid acting so foolishly in your next martial encounter. Read on …

The Donald Attack

Donald Trump has decided to run for president. For better or worse, he is going to step into the race.

He decided that his first action would be to strike out against Barack Obama, our current President. How did he decide to mount an attack?

One possibility is that this was not a “committed” attack. Maybe Trump was just poking the bear a little, to get a reaction. Well, the little jab didn’t work, yet The Donald repeated the exact same jabs across media. If one continues to move without a purpose, not only does it open one to attack, but it makes one look ridiculous.

He challenged the validity of Obama’s birth certificate.

Let’s look at this attack as a combative action. Not only is it fun and a useful exercise, but it gives us insight into a few details about each of the five ways:

Single Direct Attack

When you make a single direct attack, make sure that you either have an opening, or that an opening is about to occur. Timing is crucial. And it has to be enough of an attack to do damage.

Do you think that rehashing a four-year old complaint about a birth certificate, something that has been disproved over and over again, is a strong attack?


Attack By Combination

The key word is combination โ€” multiple hits and kicks.
Okay, where are Trumps other techniques?
Do you see him confusing the President with different rhythms and syncopations? Is the flurry of punches wearing down Obama?

Attack By Trapping

This is what some people call immobilization.
Do you think that Trumps accusation froze or trapped Obama?
Another key point … was The Donald striking at the same time he was immobilizing the President?
Or did he have some other method of freezing the guy and this was the “powerful” attack?

Well, it’s not looking good for this way of attack, either.

Progressive Indirect Attack

Could this accusation be Trump’s feint? Is there a power accusation soon to follow?

A key point in PIA is that the first fake has to be enough of an attack to draw a response. It needs to create a different opening. It must distract or (mis)direct.

Do you think that the certificate questioning was successful at distracting the President?

Again, timing is important. You have to pull out the big guns, while your opponent is being distracted.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see Donald Trump making any major attacks. Did you?

If he even had a chance, he missed it.

Attack By Drawing

To draw a response from your enemy, you have to make it look like there is an opening that you haven’t noticed.

Well, it certainly looks like Ol’ Mr. Trump has made a big goof with his accusation.

Now, he could be waiting to pounce with his claws out, right?

Not so fast.

In attack by drawing, you have to actually draw a response. That’s what creates the opening.

I haven’t seen Barack Obama engaging Donald or going for some opening. Have you?

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about the Five Ways of Attack, check out this little Youtube video.

And if you think I was talking about politics in today’s post, reread the article. Better yet … read between the lines.

I don’t really want to discuss politics. I do love improving martial-arts skills.

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  1. Mark Bersch says:

    Before the 2008 economic meltdown, in one of his books Trump suggested a one-time tax on the uber-rich to eliminate the national debt. Wonder if he would still advocate such a thing. I can almost hear the howling now. Probably be easier to donate blood.
    Good column, Keith. Not all fights are physical. I’d prefer a good philosophical one any day! The “moves” are the facts and ideas.
    WHAT, IF IN THE LONG RUN, IT TURNS OUT THAT WE’RE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE? (sorry…damn caps lock key again.)

  2. kerwinbe says:

    I agree about philosophical “discussions” any day ๐Ÿ™‚

    And ooh … I wish we were all on the same side.


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