Blackberry Self Defense

Blackberry Self-Defense?

(This post will concern you, I can almost promise. Give it a chance.)

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with a hand-held device. But it does concern which hand you use to perform activities that require coordination, while you are in “protective mode” out in public.


Let me explain …

Bruce Lee advised that we lead with our dominant hand or foot. In other words, take the opposite stance from a traditional, western boxer. Boxers save their best for the follow-up, right? (If you’re a lefty, then you’d lead with your right forward, for example.)

Well, Bruce wanted you to lead with your best….

But what about when you are in “awareness, but not defense mode”?

For example, we pick blackberries on a bike path. My wife tends to pick further off the path than I do. Even though she’s an accomplished martial artist in her own right, I place myself between any potential danger and her.

I become the buffer, so to speak … or the first line of defense, in the case of an emergency. After 19 years of marriage, I do this pretty much without thought.

Still, on today’s outing, I pondered why, at one point, I was picking blackberries with my right hand and at other times, I went back to picking with my left. (I’m left-handed.)

At first, I couldn’t figure out why I’d grab the berries with my relatively uncoordinated hand. Did it have something to do with our dog and her leash?


Hmm …

Then It Hit Me

The more exposed and closer I was to the path, the more likely I was to work on hand-eye coordination by picking the fruit with my motor-skill-challenged paw. It felt safer to pick with the “bad hand,” and to keep my dominant hand free to “protect the pack.”

When there was no chance of surprise, I went back to using my left hand to fill my little bucket.

So, the logical questions are, do you perform any activities that require coordination? Do you do these when people you don’t know are around or can pass by?

Have you thought about giving your dominant hand a break, working the other side of your brain, and trying your hobby or job with your weaker hand?

(Note: don’t risk your safety … and don’t compromise your ability to perform your required duties.)

And just how would you defend yourself, if you were attacked mid-motion?

What would be your first response to specific attacks?

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