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Martial Arts Article
Incredible Punches
     by Keith Pascal


Quinn's Training Device for Incredible Punches ...
(Some of thje best ideas are the simple ones.)

Wow -- the innocence and creativity of youth!

My daughter, Quinn, is now eight years old. I wrote this article five years ago. Now, it may be time to share this incredible trsaining device.

Read on ...


Quinn's Discovery

We don't push the martial arts on our 3 and 1/2 yr. old daughter. But we do emphasize that we are a martial arts family.

We tell her she likes it.

We clap whenever she punches or kicks -- to encourage her -- not because she demonstrates awesome technique.

She doesn't -- she is only three.

[Note: although, proud dad that I am, I have noticed that she copies my eye jabs. And bless her little soul -- they start from under the arm and head right on center line. Cute kid.]


Last week, she discovered an incredible training device for punches.

Have you ever seen those mini-trampolines that are used for jumping or jogging in place at home?

They sell in our 'charity stores' (Goodwill and Salvation Army) for a couple of bucks a piece. We also see them at garage sales.

Quinn calls it her 'jumperline,' instead of a trampoline.

As I was saying, last week she discovered that she could prop it up with the posts against the wall and punch at the center ...

which is exactly what she did.


"Mom and Pop, look! I am punching."

What a great idea!

With the right fixtures to attach it to a wall, you could have a punching bag that can take anything you can dish out.

I'll have to experiment with it some more.

After just a couple of minutes, I can see that it could tweak a wrist on a punch. It doesn't give the way a hanging bag does.

And therein lies its beauty -- it has the feel of a wing chun sand bag, with the flavor of a makiwara.

Yes, I will need to give this one some serious consideration.

Quinn's idea may even be better than my idea of securing a toilet plunger to the wall to simulate a mook jong (wing chun dummy) arm. I had that idea in my early twenties. She is starting to create early.

She's our girl.


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