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9-Part Hand-to Hand Combat Training - Free

This Combat Course is back by popular request ...


     Keith Pascal here. This hand-to-hand combat course is intended for subscribers to my ezine, but everyone is welcome.

If you are on this page, then this free course is for you.*

(*Children should always obtain parental approval before reading advice on violent aspects of self defense and hand-to-hand combat.)



We respect your privacy.

Don't worry.

You won't be SPAMMED, and we'll never sell or trade your email address.

We really do respect your privacy.


I developed this self-defense course in 2002. And thousands of people took the course. Martial artists really appreciated the tips -- some of the advice was basic, and some was on the sophisticated side -- but all was/is practical.

The course was a success ... too much so.


Two major problems arose:

1. More than a couple of martial arts sites copied my course. They sort of wrote their own lessons, but really they copied all of my points and principles. Their words -- my tips.

Soon after, some lazy web masters decided to 'lift' my lessons, word for word. No kidding. They stole and posted the entire course.

They weren't being honest. And they weren't being creative.

That was problem number one.


2. I allowed people to subscribe by sending a blank email or by filling in a form on the web site. Unfortunately, there was no confirmation email sent. The course started immediately.

And this made the course susceptible to SPAM.

When we received over 30,000 false sign ups in one weekend, it was time to put a stop to the course.

It came down.


Back Better than Ever

I have received letters asking where this hand-to-hand combat course could be found. (By the way, thank you for the compliments.)

This time, for reasons of security and to prevent SPAM:

There will be no email sign-ups. Sorry, everyone has to use the on-line form found below.

You must confrm your subscription by clicking on the link in the confirmation email sent to your email address. Once you confirm, you'll start receiving the combat training course (more of a practical self defense course).


9 Steps to Being Prepared

Below is the sign-up form for this self defense course. As I have already mentioned, you'll receive a confirmation email sent to your email address. Either click on the confirmation link, or cut and paste it into your browser.

Then I can start sending you your free lessons.

Are you ready to learn how to:

cold read an opponent even before he's in range for attack.

find the best vulnerable spot for a first strike, and more important ... when you need to strike.

fight with completely sneaky and unfair tactics.

employ a basic lock or arm bar in the middle of a fight.

defeat a really big attacker. You have two choices.

And you get even more practical martial arts advice.

This is the course that will help you make sense of a fight or attack, from before the bad guy approaches, right up to the end of the encounter.

This course could easily be packaged and sold (or stolen), but it's yours free.

Sign up now:

Combat Course

(We'll never trade or sell
your name or email address.)

First name

E-mail address

Do you have questions or comments about this combat course?

Email here:

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles

Martial Arts articles


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