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Your Fake Looks Fake: When you have boxing feint and fake problems
     by Keith Pascal


Are you familiar with boxing feints?

You jab at your opponent's face -- right up through the center. He (or she) blocks.

Again, you jab at your opponent's face. Your opponent blocks across the opening, to meet your jab, as before.

On the third jab, you start the motion. Your opponent, blocks ... but your jab was a fake.

You come in on the side with a hook (punch).

It's a great sequence, except ...

Most of the time, when someone does this move on me, the feint doesn't draw any response. I don't respond, because I know it's a feint.


The fake looks fake.

It's obvious.


Predictable Punch Timing

First of all, does everyone have to perform their feint on the "third" jab?

Jokes have the punch-line delivered with the "third" example.

I could almost shut my eyes ...


Jab ... jab ... fake.

Jab ... jab ... fake.

Jab ... jab ... fake.

Jab ... jab ... fake.


Beginning Punch Movement -- Make it the Same

Besides varying the count, you should also practice making your feint more like your real jab.

Either the move is too pronounced, or the fake has no shoulder lean, where the real jabs do. Either way, the fake looks and feels different.

And I don't know about you, but ...

"I don't react the same to different." :-)

The purpose of a fake is to draw a response -- to convince the opponent that this move is just like the others.


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